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Crumbleberry by The Milkman E-Liquid is the latest flavor in a line of popular e-liquids that include Churrios by The Milkman E-Liquid and Milky-O’s by The Milkman E-Liquid. It is as fresh and light as a cream pie, infused with the sweet and tart taste of fresh raspberries mixed with cool, creamy filling and poured into a Graham Cracker crust. It tastes like the pie grandma used to make!


Product Description

The first flavor you will notice is the mouth-tingling taste of ripe raspberries. Just like the real thing, this note is at first sweet before yielding to a slightly tart taste. This flavor meshes perfectly with the taste of rich creamy filling to give the whole the aura of an icebox pie. Beneath it all are hints of a crumbly crust that is reminiscent of Graham Crackers. It is hard to tell if this e-liquid tastes more like a raspberry cheesecake or a raspberry cream pie, but either choice is a win. This e-liquid is authentic in its delivery of rich flavor and large clouds of vapor.

Packaged in 60 ml bottles and boxed in a cool milk carton, Crumbleberry by The Vaping Rabbit can be purchased in nicotine strengths of 0 and 6 mg. It is ideally suited to your favorite sub tank and the vapor volume is considerable. The brand has also committed themselves to the creation of all-day vapes that don’t become bitter or worn on the palette after you have vaped them for a while. This one tastes as great on your first pull of the day as it does on your last.

This new imprint from Vaping Rabbit carries on the great tradition of unique flavors that were originally inspired by ice cream and all the fun tastes associated with your favorite soda shop. Churrios by The Milkman E-Liquid is reminiscent of a cinnamon pastry treat, a popular honey nut cereal, and sweet milk. Milky-O’s by The Milkman E-liquid might be the very best cookies and cream flavored e-liquid ever made. To understand the success of these e-juice flavors, one need to look no further than the history of The Vaping Rabbit.

In 2006, Barbara Villegas decided to fuse her hookah bar and ice cream shop into one business. This ultimately led to the creation of The Vaping Rabbit and some of the coolest e-juices on the market. If you’ve been vaping for a while, chances are that you have tried flavors like Mad Hatter and know the high-quality delivered by this brand. With the success of those initial e-liquids now in her rear view mirror, Barbara Villegas is pushing the envelope once again with her Milkman imprint.

To get an e-liquid like this just right requires a lot of patience with the process. Recipes have to be developed and tested, raw materials have to be sourced, and e-liquids have to be steeped until the favors are combined to perfection. All of the mixologists at Vaping Rabbit are highly trained flavor artists who have skills comparable to those of trained chefs. The brand also takes quality seriously, packaging their e-liquids in child-proof bottles and maintaining all of the industry standard certifications for their clean rooms.

While you are shopping for Crumbleberry by Vaping Rabbit E-Liquid, think about treating yourself to a new mod or tank. We have hundreds of them available from the most popular brands, and we offer a lowest price guarantee on most items. If you need replacement parts for your vaporizer, we have those as well. Our customer service staff can answer any questions you may have when you contact us.

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