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The Dab Rig Heating Coil by Wulf Mods was developed as a part of Wulf Mods’ innovative rig that allows you to replace the heating coil without needing to replace the entire base. Convenient and economically advantageous, this coil will last through many dabbing sessions and boasts construction from superior materials such as Stainless Steel and premium cotton.


Product Description

The high standards of quality that vapers have come to expect from products bearing the Wulf Mods logo were applied to the development of this coil.

This coil is one of the most important Wulf Mod Rig Vaporizer Replacement Parts necessary for the proper function of your rig. On average, a coil can require replacement every three to four weeks depending on how often you vape. Replacing the coil is simple and requires only a few seconds. To begin, turn the e-Nail base counterclockwise to unscrew and expose the coil. Next, unscrew the heating coil counterclockwise and remove it. The new coil is inserted and turned clockwise with special attention given to insure it is not screwed in too tight. Lastly, replace the base of the e-Nail and turn clockwise to tighten.

Your new Dab Rig Heating Coil by Wulf Mods is essential in precision heating for your concentrates. It distributes heat evenly to the e-Nail in just the right manner so that each dabbing session affords considerable vapor volume without burning. Your vaping experience will be cleaner and smoother, and every draw will be satisfyingly pleasant. All Wulf Mods replacement coils for both a dab rig and sub tanks are subjected to a thorough development process and quality controls that keep these coils compliant with all industry standard certifications for safety and quality.

Other Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts include the Dab Rig Ceramic Nail 3 pk by Wulf Mods. Each dab rig from Wulf Mods ships with three different e-Nails to accommodate your personal preference, and you can also order Titanium and Quartz replacements as well. The e-Nails are offered in packs of three for convenience and economy. While all Wulf Mods Rig Vaporizers are backed by the integrity of this iconic brand, Wulf Mods will happily replace any items should they possess a manufacturer defect.

If you have yet to experience the perfection of Wulf Mods vaporizers, the time is right to discover why this company has become so popular with vapers everywhere. Based in Corona, California, a hotbed of vaping culture, the brand uses a hands-on approach in the development of Wulf Mods tanks, Wulf Mods batteries, and an entire host of vaping accessories. Many members of the Wulf Mods team also vape, so they understand the needs of vapers. This is especially true when it comes to the vaping of dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates. No one serves this segment of the vaping community better than Wulf Mods. The company regularly receives high ratings and reviews for durability, performance, and the user-friendly nature of their devices.

At the end of the day, the very best dabbing rigs and accessories are offered by companies with a strong commitment not only to the manufacturing process but to the vapers who will use the products. Wulf Mods is a customer-driven company that cares about the people it serves.  

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a Dab Rig Heating Coil by Wulf Mods, be sure to check out our entire inventory of premium tanks, mods, and vaping accessories. We have many items from this brand and others that will enhance your dabbing experience. If you have a question about these coils or any of the products in our inventory, please do not hesitate to contact us so that one of our friendly team members can assist you.

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