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Dab Rigs & Oil Rigs

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Shopping for Dab Rigs

One of the most revolutionary events to occur within the vaping industry was the development and growth of concentrates and oils. As these two products became more and more common for vapers to seek out, the growth of dab or oil rigs also grew. These devices have a general structure of mouthpiece, a chamber that typically holds water, a void chamber portion that vapor fills, a stem, and a nail head. When vapor is passed through the water filled portion of a rig, it is filtered and cooled in order to give users smooth, pure, and intensely satisfying draws. The working goal of these units it do provide superior vapor with less harsh side-effects.

Because concentrates and oils require extremely high temperatures in order for vaporization to occur, dab or oil rigs are structured in a way to accommodate that process. This procedure consists of two foundational steps. The first is the nail head has to be heated, this is typically done by a torch. The second step is placing the concentrate or oil onto the nail while inhalation occurs simultaneously at the mouthpiece. 

Dab or oil rigs come in multiple designs and with several additional features. Some are recyclers, some bubblers, some have percolator chambers, and others have ice chambers. Each feature gives a different layer to a vaping experience. Rigs also saw banger hangers as a innovative design evolution. This style is used with domeless nails and integrates a female component that runs perpendicular to its male counterpart. The "banger" is the nail and the "hanger" is the secondary piece.

When trying to decide on the right device for youself, part of it is about the aesthetic appeal of the device to you and part of it is how you want it to function. There are straightforward pieces for novices and then tricked out rigs for those that want completely singular sessions. 

The Difference Between Nail Heads

Nail heads provide the means by which vaporization occurs. As a result, each one can yield different results and produce unique vaping sessions. Nails are usually made of any one of four materials:

Quartz: This material is known for producing smooth draws and able to maintain its heat longer than other varieties. It takes slightly longer to heat up, but is still very common within rigs.

Glass: Glass is another common nail type, but is the most fragile option. Even if it doesn't shatter, fractures can occur and that is something users need to be leery of. Glass is nice because it heats up quickly for the most immediate demands.

Titanium: This type of nail is the most durable between the four. They heat up quickly, which is nice but worth being conscious of as they can easily burn products. Some titanium options have built in heating mechanisms so a torch isn't needed.

Ceramic: Ceramic options create some of the best flavor among the four different types of nails. It takes a bit of time to heat up when compared to glass, but it holds its heat better which ensures no amount of concentrate or oil is left un-vaporized. 

Final Consideration for Dab Rigs

As you are deciding if a dab or oil rig is the right product for you, browse through the many options at The nature of these devices is that of pieces with a scientific edge. The designs should maximize airflow, maintain the flavor of concentrates or oils, and to produce powerful vapor. Each factor is chief among the reasons to invest in a rig for yourself.