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Dabber Box eNails

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Dabber Box eNails

Dabber Box eNails provide the essentials you need to get the best possible dabbing experience. The company focuses on creating premium-quality components that are designed to provide you with everything you need to get started. You'll be able to find eNails made with durable materials like titanium, Kevlar and other premium materials. The company is well-known for producing products that are designed to improve your life and give you a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience.

DabberBox is well-known for its production of eNail kits, but the also produce a range of other vaping products. The company makes a variety of dabber boxes, pendants, dabbers, rosin presses and dabber accessories. The eNail kits are custom-built units that use a 3D printing process so that you can enjoy the fine details and artwork while relaxing and relishing your experience. Experience a superior vaping experience by getting an eNail kit designed to enhance your enjoyment.

Better Utility and Performance

When you get an eNail kit made by DabberBox, you'll get all the necessary sheets you need to enjoy an effective and productive dabbing session. Don't waste time and butane by playing the guessing game with your nail. Refilling your torch can use up a lot of butane, and these kits eliminate that issue. The nails severely reduce waste and you'll be able to achieve the proper temperature with great precision and less work. 

Bring Out Your Personality

The eNail kits from Dabber Box make it possible to build your own custom dabber box. Choose the color you want for both the base and the body of the box. There are a variety of shapes to choose from as well. Dabber Box creates nails in a variety of shapes, and you'll be able to choose from a castle, crown, flower and other engaging shapes. Choose the nail that fits your personality, and personalize your eNail further by selecting a color scheme that is appealing to you.

Premium Build and Materials

Most of the kits are created with a titanium carb cap, an 18/14mm titanium domeless nail and a hard shell case to protect the unit. The heating coils in each kit typically consist of a Kevlar braided 16mm heating coil, and you'll also get an instruction manual to help you learn how to use and care for your product. When you purchase a DabberBox eNail kit, you're getting a quality product from a company that takes great care to create effective products.

Each Dabber Box comes with the materials you need to ensure that you get the best possible dabbing experience. You'll get a DabberBox 3D printed eNail unit to help add a bit of personalization to your experience. A heating coil is also included with all kits along with a domeless nail. Kits also come with a carb cap and a heavy duty power cable for maximum durability and resilience. Units also typically come with a hard shell case. Buying these products individually would typically cost more, so the kit can help to save you money.

Simple, Clean and Efficient

When it comes to selecting an Dabber Box eNail kit, you have a lot of choices available to you. Purchasing an eNail kit is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy a good vaping session. These kits provide a simple, clean and effective method for enjoying your session, but they do require a bit more technique and skill compared to traditional vaporizers. 

The manufacturer offers a standard one-year warranty on all Dabber Box eNails. This warranty doesn't cover consumable parts that may come as part of a kit. It does cover any defects in craftsmanship and workmanship.