Dabber Box Dab Castle eNail


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Delivering an unmatched experience, the Dabber Box Dab Castle eNail is build for a king.


Product Description

Bringing a 3D, stunning aesthetic this nail employs high performance and portability, far above the competition. Completely customizable to meet the customer’s needs, this unit is one of the most functional, reliable, economical piece that you’ll want to invest in. Coming in a variety of colors and shapes, this eNail is quiet the unit, fashioned with the best accessories and technology functions. The Dabber Box Dab Castle eNail incorporates a Kevlar braided flat heating coil which also includes the 18mm/14mm quartz and titanium hybrid nail. A titanium carb cap and dabber are included as well, fitting perfectly over both the quartz and titanium nails. With everything you could need for a quality vape, the Dabber Box Dab Castel eNail is the perfect addition to the collection.

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