Dabber Box Diamond eNail


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Enjoy an experience like never before with the Dabber Box Diamond eNail.


Product Description

Far advanced than the competition, this eNail is efficient, convenient, affordable and can’t forget its aesthetically pleasing, uniquely crafted in a shape of a diamond. Coming in a plethora of color options, this investment is the best way to start your collection. Because eNails are on the pricey side, it is economical and smart to start with the best instead of having to constantly upgrade things you already own. The Dabber Box Diamond eNail is outfitted with the bet accessories from the start for high performance. Each Dabber box employs a USB charging station, so you can easily charge your phone, vape pen, or any other electronic accessory all while dabbing. The Dabber Box Diamond eNail now utilizes an upgraded Kevlar flat heating coil, including the 18mm/4mm quartz and titanium hybrid nail. A titanium carb cap and dabber are also included and fits perfectly over both the quartz and titanium nails. Never waste or burn your goodies as this unit give you the ability to control the temperature of the nail. Included in the kit is the Dabber Box 3D Printed eNail Unit, Kevlar Braided Flat Heating Coil, 18/14mm Quartz and Titanium Domeless Nail, Titanium Carb Cap and a heavy duty power cable. How could you not want this deal? Make sure to get the Dabber Box Diamond eNail today.

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