Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid


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Some vaping E-Juices just manage to bring flavor up to a whole new level, which is why Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid is such an exciting e-juice. This incredibly tasty vape has flavor to spare, as it combines a series of incredibly lip-smacking flavors all into one incredibly delicious e-juice experience.


Product Description

It's no wonder that vape enthusiasts have been singing the praises of this mighty delicious e-juice!

Dapple Whip from the Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid is a brand spanking new flavor and one that this sterling e-juice brand is rightly proud of. This amazingly tasty e-juice comes on with a tart and juicy flavor blast that evokes a juicy Granny Smith apple. This is as sweet and juicy as it comes, but then a smooth chewy caramel flavor hits the taste buds, finished off with an incredible dollop of fluffy whipped cream. This is how a vape is meant to taste, and Dapple Whip from the Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid is as tasty as it gets! 

How does Lost Fog E-Liquids do it? How does this top of the line E-Liquid brand keep coming up with incredible flavors that have dedicated vapers in a tizzy of great tasting delight? This wonderful e-Juice flavor is part of The Lost Fog Collection, created by the Cosmic Fog Vapors brand. This Orange County brand is absolutely dedicated to bringing its customers the very finest curated, e-Liquid blends possible, using only the finest ingredients to create e-juices that have a taste that’s unforgettably tasty.

This delicious, high quality, premiere E-Liquid collection also includes other specially flavored e-juices that will delight dedicated vapers everywhere. Each of these specially curated e-juices is a taste sensation and an e-Liquid of utterly premiere taste and quality. These flavors are beyond compare!

Streak is a Cosmic Fog flavor that captures the uniquely delicious flavor of creamy, smooth Greek yogurt, blended with the tangy taste of handpicked fresh strawberries. These flavors combine to create a taste sensation that's utterly captivating from the very first draw.

Neon Cream is a flavor that brings on the citrusy delights of fresh oranges, lemon, lime and raspberry, mixed together in a blend that evokes the smooth tanginess of sherbet and cream. 

Baie Cream is another delicious e-Liquid from Cosmic Fog that combines the incredible deliciousness of whipped honey and cream, together with sweet passion fruit and tart berries. The result is another masterpiece of incredible e-juice taste that has vapes singing its praises.

The Lost Fog Collection is a one of a kind premiere collection of some of the most delicious vape tastes available anywhere. Vapers are going to love Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection e-juice, and will be wanting to take it on as their all day everyday favorite flavor.

When it's time to indulge in a flavor sensation that offers the smoothest and most delicious taste available, indulge in the scrumptious taste of Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection e-juice. 

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