DBR Dab Tool and Carb Cap by Sutra Vape


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Replacement or spare parts like the DBR Dab Tool and Carb Cap by Sutra Vape are invaluable in a vaper's collection. The dab tool provides users with the benefit of convenience by making product refills streamlined and cleaning simpler. The carb cap works to give users the most enjoyable draw possible by giving them access to the vapors full volume. These two accessories are packaged together as their pairing can bring a session to a new level of ease and power. 


Product Description

While the DBR Dab Tool and Carb Cap by Sutra Vape may seem like simple products to add to a collection or to replace misplaced parts, at their core they are meant to enhance concentrate vaporization. An item like the dab tool is intended to aid users with placing their concentrates on an enail head. It can also be used to help clean and scrape the bowl at the conclusion of a session. 

The carb cap not only protects the environment that concentrates are being vaporized in, but it also allows vapers to begin their draw, remove the cap, and then clear the chamber completely. No product goes to waste when the DBR Dab Tool and Carb Cap are being employed. The two components magnetically attach to each other to aid in the removal of the carb cap during a draw so that the process is simple and ergonomically achieved. This also helps to prevent the accidental loss of a piece of the setup.

The DBR Dab Tool and Carb Cap are a flawless addition to the Sutra DBR Portable ENail Kit by Sutra Vape. While the kit comes with its own dab tool and carb cap, having a spare set on hand helps to ensure a user never has a disruption in their usage. The enail kit itself comes with a mini recycler bubbler which gives users clean and cool vapor to inhale. The unit can reach up to 800°F and has two temperature control buttons in order to allow vapers to truly customize their sessions. With four nail types and a device display screen, this kit is a gratifying piece to have in a collection.

If you are looking for a pocket friendly device, the Sutra Dash POD Vaporizer by Sutra Vape is an exceptional option. While this device may be petite and discreet, it still boasts a rechargeable battery, a side window for product display, and the ease of auto-priming. A few short inhalations starts the heating process and users will enjoy smooth vapor a few moments later. 

Sutra Vape has masterfully crafted some of the most innovative portable products on the market. Since opening their doors more than five years ago, they have continued to push the boundaries of what compact devices can achieve. The founders took their passion for the vaporization and launched the company into being a paragon of unmatched performance and utility. 

If you are unsure of the DBR Dab Tool and Carb Cap by Sutra Vape, please browse through the other accessories at GotVape.com. We also provide tanks, mods, pens, etc. as we strive to be the one stop you have to make for each of your vaping needs. If you have any additional questions, please contact our team of customer service professionals.

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