DBR Portable ENail Glass Single Perc Recycler Bubbler by Sutra Vape


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The DBR Portable ENail Glass Single Perc Recycler Bubbler by Sutra Vape is an attachment option for the Sutra DBR Portable Enail Kit. As a member of the DBR line of products, users can rest easy knowing that the piece will be both durable and powerful. As a percolating device, the vapor inhaled during a draw will be slightly cool and effectively pure. The transparent glass allows users to see the course of their vapor and provides a distinctive aesthetic that many will be drawn to.


Product Description

The DBR Portable ENail Glass Single Perc Recycler Bubbler by Sutra Vape is thoughtfully crafted to give vapers a new experience with their Sutra DBR Portable Enail Kit. The attachment creates a seamless, air tight seal with the mod in order to prevent vapor leakage. The bubbler component of the unit is where the initial moments of filtration and cooling occur. Then as the draw travels to the percolator, the dome shaped mechanism further purifies the vapor. As the vapor is recycled through the device, a draw is then completed. The overall implications of this sort of setup is that an inhalation is smooth, unpolluted, slightly chilled, and it significantly diminishes the likelihood of coughing.

The Sutra DBR Portable Enail Kit by Sutra Vape is the base device that pairs most ideally with the DBR Portable ENail Glass Single Perc Recycler Bubbler. As a stand alone addition, this kit brings an impressive punch to any collection. It comes with four types of heating bases: ceramic, quartz, titanium, and silicon carbide. Each one offers unique nuances when vaporizing concentrates. The DBR Portable Enail Kit can be adjusted to reach temperatures up to 800°F. A side display concisely displays device data like battery life, draws taken, and current temperature setting. With its 3000mAh capacity, rechargeable battery, vapers will love the way the DBR Portable ENail Glass Single Perc Recycler Bubbler functions with this mod.

Another accessory that would elevate the above mentioned setup to the next level are the DBR Dab Tool and Carb Cap by Sutra Vape. The dab tool streamlines placing concentrates onto the nail head to help eliminate any awkward fumbling. The carb cap allows users to seal the bowl to capture every vapor wisp, begin the draw, and then remove the cap via the magnetically attaching dab tool in order to fully clear the chamber. This arrangement allows users to enjoy the maximum potential that each draw can offer.

Sutra Vapes' founders took the passion that they spent a combined 25 years developing and created a company that has an ethos of excellence. Their devices take portable powerhouses and catapult them into the realm of innovative vaping paradigms. They strive to produce units that have unique quirks, but never at the cost of functionality. Their spread of devices are able to accommodate dry herbs, e-liquids, and concentrates. 

If the DBR Portable ENail Glass Single Perc Recycler Bubbler by Sutra Vape isn't the right accessory for you, please click through all of GotVape.com. We have expansive selections of pens, tanks, replacement/spare parts, e-liquids, mods, and so on. If you see something you need clarification on, don't hesitate to contact our customer care team as they are more than happy to help.

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