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Dead Presidents E-Liquid

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Introducing Dead Presidents E-Juice!

Dead Presidents is a company that specializes in e-liquids based off the personas of deceased presidents of the United States. They use a tongue-in-cheek manner to deliver their products, which are flavors designed to emulate the most well-known presidents in history. All of the e-juice is crafted in the United States, but more about the company is unknown. Like organizations such as the Illuminati, Dead Presidents prefers to keep its details a secret. The Mystery only enhances the enjoyment for the consumer. Their motto is "In Vape We Trust."

Dead Presidents is a unique company in a sea of other e-juice brands, a solid platform to keep customers engaged while spreading awareness of their company.

Four Unique E-Liquid Flavors

Dead Presidents currently has four juices available for sale. George Washington, or Peaches & Cream, the flavoring of spiced peaches bringing to mind the days of canning your goods in the colonial era. The juice finishes with the taste of whipped cream to top it off, perfect for hot summer cravings. Abraham Lincoln, or Butterscotch, is a combination of brown sugar and vanilla bound together with a butter cream, a mixture of salty and sweet that evokes the fractured nation of the United States during the Civil War. Theodore Roosevelt, or Lemon Meringue Pie, is a shortbread pasty crust filled with lemon custard and topped with a fluffy Meringue that transports you back to the Panama Canal.John F. Kennedy, or Churro & Ice Cream, is the taste of warm churros topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, recalling the days of the Space Race.