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DeadModz Tanks

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DeadModz Tanks

DeadModz was started in 2014 in Orange County, California. The company aims to provide its customers with products that have been thoroughly tested, designed and crafted to meet the needs of the novice though seasoned vaper. All of the company's products are highly tested and provide the highest possible quality, so vapers can enjoy their hobby with superior equipment and mixes. 

DeadModz Research and Testing

The company doesn't release a new product until it's been thoroughly tested. The process of designing new culinary experiences for customers can take anywhere from two to three months of intense research and development. They have a strong background in the culinary world, which makes them ideally suited to create mixes that will appeal to vapers who demand artisanal blends.

Once a new flavor has been developed, the blends will spend weeks testing out the final product and tweaking the final blend. This results in a superior experience that gives you blends that have been designed to give you an outstanding vaping session. 

DeadModz Equipment Quality

The equipment manufactured by the company also undergoes intense scrutiny. You'll receive a highly crafted product that is designed to give you a superior experience in all of your vaping sessions. As a tank company, the company produces solid components that last. You'll get superior quality tanks without sacrificing the quality. 

Many of the products produced by the company use novel procedures that are designed to give you an exceptional product and experience. You'll be able to enjoy features like hand-blown glass construction and specially-designed Pyrex glass that is used to help increase cooling so you get a smooth experience. If you've ever experienced the feeling of hot metal against their lips, you'll understand why this feature is so important.

DeadModz Product Line

The company offers a product line that is primarily geared toward the essential oils market. You'll be able to find 180ml and 30ml bottles of oils that can be used to enhance your vaping sessions and provide you with exciting and flavorful experiences. The company also features a full selection of Pyrex glass atomizers and RDA units to help you get a custom-made experience. Glass caps are also available to make it possible to enjoy a cool vaping session. All of the items produced by the company are designed to provide you with an enjoyable vaping session.

DeadModz RDA Glass Atomizer 

The DeadModz atomizer is designed to provide you with an exceptional experience. Glass materials are used for the top cap and the drip tip. Both pieces are combined into a single piece for additional convenience. The unit works to cool your vapor to give you a smooth experience. The dual side airways are designed to provide you with exceptional airflow that goes directly to your coils. A clear glass tip also makes it easier to see your cotton, so you'll know exactly when you need to re-drip your cotton. These innovative features are smart and simple, but they make all the difference in the quality of your sessions. 

The unit features a stainless steel atomizer base that comes with a copper contact. It's also made with stainless steel base screws to reduce the likelihood of corrosion and give you an overall better quality product. The Pyrex glass is 6mm thick to make it less likely that is will break, and the outside diameter of the glass is 26mm. The entire unit is expertly made to give you a superior quality unit that will help you enjoy cool, thick vapor that is enjoyable.