Deathstar Kiwi by Saki Bomb E-Liquid

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"The Force" may be strong, but the Deathstar Kiwi by Saki Bomb E-Liquid offers a smooth kiwi twist with a smattering of strawberry. The majority of the flavor is kiwi, but the sweetness of the strawberry comes through and offers an outstanding supporting flavor. The Deathstar Kiwi flavor is one of three premium e-liquids created by Saki Bomb, which includes SakiPop and KungPao Kitten's Milk.


Product Description

One interesting way of creating a unique flavor is to mix all three of the flavors together. However, you'll want to go light on the KungPao Kitten's Milk in the mixture, unless you absolutely love the taste of cinnamon.

Deathstar Kiwi is one of those truly unique flavors that you'll want in your collection for those times when you just want something really wild and out of the ordinary. This is one flavor that you probably won't want to mix with another flavor. However, it does work really well with a vanilla or strong berry flavoring. The flavor profile is unique, and it uses high-quality flavors that are created to be enjoyed deeply. Like the Deathstar, this flavoring is intense, powerful and demands respect.

It's possible to change the concentration of nicotine by ordering the right concentration for your purposes. It comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg options. If you want a custom concentration, you can simply mix two concentrations together until you get the nicotine concentration that works for you. Ordering more than one bottle is a great way to tailor the level of nicotine in each dose to your specific situation.

Sakibomb is able to provide a superior product since they only offer three flavors. They are careful about their releases onto the market, and you can be certain that you're getting a high-quality product that is worth every penny. Deathstar Kiwi is designed to provide you with outstanding flavor while not overpowering your senses. The combination of strawberry and kiwi helps to give this a long lasting flavor that doesn't become bitter as the liquid runs thin. 

Purchase more than one of the Deathstar Kiwi in different nicotine concentrations so that you can enjoy this with the right boost you need for each situation. One notable distinction is the "popping" sensation of strawberry that you get with each puff. This flavor helps you get the best possible enjoyment out of each and every vape session. It's also a great ice-breaker to start up a conversation with other vapers who might not be familiar with Deathstar Kiwi by Saki Bomb E-Liquid.

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