Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid


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Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid strikes the perfect balance by combining cream and fruit flavors into one mixture. You'll love this delicate combination of flavors that is designed to keep you enthralled throughout your entire vaping session.


Product Description

It's a good idea to order more than one bottle of Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid because you're likely to run out of product quickly. This has a low level of sourness, and it is ideal for everyday smoking. It's as delicious as it is smooth, and you'll love how the mixture leaves its aroma lingering in the air for a few moments after each delightful pull. Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid has created an outstanding flavor, and we honestly can't find anything negative to say about it.

Honeydew is like a breath of fresh air, and it's a great flavor to have in your pack for hot summer days. When you need something to help you feel refreshed, there is nothing better than a little honeydew cream to cool you down. Get in on the action, and discover this outstanding flavor for yourself. When you smoke Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid, you'll take the pale, smooth-skinned winter melon that is perfect for most any occasion. Honeydew melon typically changes it's flavor depending on when it's picked. The authentic flavor from this honeydew melon combination exudes a flavor that resembles a melon picked at the peak of maturity. It's sugary-sweet and the added cream flavoring helps to give it a velvety texture that rolls off the tongue. It's one of the most effective flavorings available on the market, and you need to try it for yourself.

The aroma is sweet and delicate. You'll love the clean flavor and the outstanding texture that seems to exude from the smoke. You'll get rich, big plumes of smoke with this concoction, and it provides a satisfying boost to your energy levels and your day. You'll get overall sweet aromatics, and a hint of vanilla is detected in the cream. The scent is typically stronger straight from the bottle, but the smoked vape isn't going to leave your room smelling of fruit. This is important if you want to smoke in a public area where vaping is allowed. Overall, this flavoring gives an excellent density, a full mouth and is delicate on the nose. You'll love Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid not only for its taste but its rich cloud of smoke.

While you certainly don't need to mix flavors, it's possible to get more out of your vaping session by experimenting with different combinations. Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid pairs well with the same types of flavors that real honeydew pairs with. You can enjoy it with mint, basil, cheese, lime, sweet cream, berries, olives and much more. No matter how creative you get, there is a good chance the mixture will work well. Aim for a 50/50 mixture when you mix this flavor with others. Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid is strong enough to hold its own against even the most intense flavors, and it will work well to reduce any harshness that you may have in other e-liquids in your collection.

You can get as much nicotine as you need with Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid. Concentration levels go all the way up to 18g of nicotine. You can choose 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg of nicotine to fit your needs. Experiment with mixing two different bottles to get a slightly lowering dose and find the dose inbetween that's just right for your vaping needs.

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