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OGNL Boba E-Liquid strives to be the very best in the vaping industry. The company's mission is to create premium vapors that are exciting and are exceptional enough to be used all day long. all of OGNL Boba E-Liquid's vapors are carefully crafted, mixed, bottled, wrapped and labeled in Boba's state-of-the-art ISO facilities.


Product Description

Each blend is filtered several times so that all of the liquids reach their customers completely clean and delicious. They work hard to create wonderful vaping experiences for their customers. They are proud to have won the Vape Summit Award for best floral blend with their top seller, Jazzyer Boba. You will be excited and thoroughly satisfied with all of Boba E-Liquid's delicious and exciting blends.

Dewwyer Boba is based on Boba's original flavor, Dewy. The difference is that there is more of the delicious flavor, making it even more exciting and intense. Dewwyer Boba is similar to Jazzyer Boba, the award-winning floral blend. Jazzyer Boba is a simple blend of jasmine flavors soaked in milk tea. With Dewwyer Boba, the mixers subtract the jasmine flavors and mix in the sweet and succulent taste of juicy honey dew melon. The flavor is light and airy, so it can be used all day long without growing tiresome or boring. People who enjoy the taste of milk tea and fruit should love this new flavor from OGNL Boba E-Liquid. The blend is mixed in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio, so the vapor clouds come out nice, soft and silky. The consistency is great, so it is easy to use with all tanks and drips.

Try Dewwyer by OGNL Boba E-Liquid today, and you will be amazed by the delicious flavor of this premium blend. Look for other great flavors by OGNL Boba E-Liquid as well. Mangoer Boba packs a yummy punch with the savory taste of ripe and juicy California mangos. Jazzyer Boba is the top seller with the enticing taste of jasmine soaking in milk tea.

All of the e-liquid blends take months to develop and perfect. Each one is made with only the finest ingredients available. It is easy to see why OGNL Boba E-Liquid wins awards. The vapors are of the highest quality and second to none. People love the great tasting blends of Boba E-Liquid. Be sure to check out future flavors that are in development right now. You will be thrilled with every great that comes out of the OGNL Boba E-Liquid laboratory.

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