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Discreet Vape Replacement Parts

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Discreet Vape Replacement Parts

The Discreet Vape brand produces some of the highest quality vaporizers on the market. Their original device, the PUFFiT vaporizer, is one of three devices they carry, and each is designed to fulfill the needs of a specific vaping style. When Discreet Vape was designing the original device, they decided on a dry-herb mechanism that would allow users to enjoy their favorite ground aromatic blends while on the go. The design was meant to be both sleek and discreet while offering easy utility and solid reliability.

The Discreet Vape company next released their PUFFiT-X, which is quite similar to the original PUFFiT, but it includes a forced air system that provides consistent hits, and the battery has been upgraded to charge faster. The PUFFiT-X is still designed for use with only dried herbaceous blends, and it comes in several classic colors. The brand released this upgraded device for those who want the convenience of the PUFFiT to be expanded to its maximum potential.

The third vaporizer in the Discreet Vape PUFFiT line is the PUFFiT-2. This sleek, compact device can be loaded with dried ground blends or waxy concentrates, which opens an entirely new field of utility for the device. It includes digital temperature control and single-degree adjustment. The device was also manufactured to be modular, which makes it easier to maintain and assemble. The modular design helps the device reach new levels of versatility, which is perfect for the modern vaping enthusiast with varying tastes.

Discreet Vape takes pride in their ability to provide their customers with exactly what they seek in personal dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. We at have deep respect for all manufacturers of premium aromatherapy devices, which is why we carry a full selection of Discreet Vape replacement parts to keep your PUFFiT device working smoothly for years.

Our inventory of Discreet Vape replacement parts includes several different pieces that can used with the PUFFiT vaporizers for added utility or to replace lost parts. The first replacement part in our inventory is the Top Cap, which is used to cover the material being vaporized. It is made from premium aluminum, and it helps the heating process occur at an even rate. Next we have the PUFFiT-2 Glassware Adapter, which can easily transform the handheld device into a base for a ground glass filtration system.

Discreet Vape Wire Stir Tool or PUFFIT-X Screens

If you need a Wire Stir Tool to help prevent material inside the device from caking or combusting, you can find one in our impressive stock of Discreet Vape replacement parts. We also carry 5-packs of the PUFFiT-X vaporizer screens, which help prevent any ground material from being transferred through the device during airflow.

Discreet Vape Chargers & Other Components

Don't forget about recharging your PUFFiT or your PUFFiT-X. Our selection includes a Wall Charger for the PUFFiT and a Charging Cable for the PUFFiT-X, so you won't have to worry about losing function during those long days at the office. We also have a Mouthpiece Cap that protects the mouthpiece from dirt or debris while it isn't in use.

You might feel the need to display, store, or travel with your Discreet Vape device, and that is made much easier with the help of several items in our stock. We have a Kick Stand mount for both the PUFFiT and the PUFFiT-X, which makes it easy to display the device on your desk. Those who travel a lot won't have to worry about their device getting damaged on the journey thanks to the three different carrying cases we have, including the PUFFiT-X Vaporizer Case, the PUFFiT Vaporizer Hard Traveling Case, and the PUFFiT Vaporizer Custom Storage Case.