Dish and Dabber Set by Biohazard Glass


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The Dish and Dabber Set by Biohazard Glass is a cool looking piece that will add some flair to your dabbing sessions. This set is made of tempered glass and features a 1.5” diameter glass dish as well as a high-quality dabbing tool. The dish features a gas mask decal that makes this a stylish addition to your dabbing accessories.


Product Description

Dabbing requires the right accessories if you want to have a solid experience. This dish and dab tool are made of high-quality glass that is naturally food-safe and odor-free. The dish has a generous 1.5” diameter for plenty of capacity. The dabber is 4.5” in length and is ergonomically designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort and precision use.

The logo emblazoned on the Dish and Dabber Set by Biohazard Glass is that of a gas mask. The decal comes in a random variety of colors. Adding an accessory like this to your dab rig adds a lot of fun to your dabbing sessions. It also is an attention grabber when displayed alongside your other dabbing items. Your vaping friends will most likely want one of their own when they see yours.

Dabbing is the heating of waxy concentrates to produce vapor. Vaporizing concentrates can be a more pleasurable way to consume. It also conserves material and is more economical. You can combine this dish and dabber with your preferred portable e-nail and it's compact size means that it will travel well with the rest of your accessories. It fits easily in a small bag.

Biohazard Glass is a leading producer of fine glass. The company creates superior products that are made from the finest materials and designed to last for a long time. It is important that you clean your dish and dabber from Biohazard glass on a regular basis to insure the best experience. Concentrates are known for their waxy residue. When this builds up on your dish or dab tool, the overall vaping experience can be negatively affected.

Thankfully, cleaning this dish and dabber is very easy and takes just a few short moments. It is recommended that you use a mixture of warm water and alcohol. The alcohol will help to remove any waxy residue that has built up over time. It also evaporates and leaves no odor on your dish or tool. If you use a light mixture of soap to clean, be sure to rinse thoroughly before use.

All items from Biohazard Glass are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee and a warranty against manufacturer defects. If the item you receive is defective on arrival, a new one will be provided to you at no additional cost. To care for your glass items properly after they arrive, be sure to keep them in a safe place when not in use. This will help to reduce the risk of accidental breakage.

The designers at this company understand what goes into making a great piece of glassware. The care and attention to detail they provide is apparent in every piece they produce. Of course, more than a few of them also vape so they have a unique understanding of what vapers want. The Biohazard Glass logo is synonymous with integrity, and you can purchase with the utmost confidence.

While you are shopping for a Dish and Dabber Set by Biohazard Glass, be sure to check out all of the items we carry for vaping essential oils and concentrates. We also have many premium devices and accessories for those who vape dry herbs. If you have a question about this set or any of the other items we carry, please contact us so that one of our friendly customer service team members can assist you.

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