Dive Mini XTAL Coils 5pk by Yocan


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Enjoy great flavors with the help of the Dive Mini XTAL Coils 5pk by Yocan. Delivering crystal clean and smooth savors for your favorite wax concentrates, these coils connect to the Yocan Dive Mini utilizing a 510 threaded link that provides the battery and the heating element with impeccable connection.


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Product Description

Delivering Versatile Use

2 in 1 Styles

Dive Mini XTAL Technology

It’s the only atomizer that is specifically made for compatibility with the Yocan Dive Mini. The Dive Mini XTAL Coils are available in two styles; the XTAL Coil for loading materials as a regular vape pen and the XTAL Tip for using the device as a nectar collector.

With versatile use these coils allow users to enjoy different experiences with just one single vaporizer. This lets customers utilize un-restricted sessions delivering incredible flavor as well as pure effects. Consume wax concentrates, and even share with friends! These coils deliver those amazing highs making it a must have for anyone using the Yocan Dive Mini Dab Pen Vaporizer.

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Making great replacement coils, these Dive Mini XTAL Coils 5pk make the practical choice for anyone wanting to use a vaporizer that can support reusability. Because atomizers are usually the first parts of the vaporizer to get worn out it is important to have spares ready to go. The constant cycle of heat causes harm to the heating element by weakening the structure of the atomizer. This is why these atomizers have to be replaced more often compared to any other parts of your vaporizer.

To get the most out of our vaporizer and performance, the Dive Mini XTAL Coils 5 pk by Yocan are the perfect accessories to compliment your device. Extending your sessions, providing versatile use and clean vapors, make sure to add the Dive Mini XTAL Coils to the shopping cart today. Whether you want a portable nectar collector or dab pen, these coils got you!

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