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DNA Glass Nectar Collectors

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DNA Glass Nectar Collectors

When you want the very best in glass, DNA Glass offers some of the highest quality components you can find. The products are designed to redefine the experience of dabbing, and the products are made for expert dabbers who demand a premium experience. Once you've used this company's products, you'll likely be hooked and refuse to do business with any other brand. The company strives to provide an innovative dabbing experience, and you'll love the substantial value of these products.

The company offers a wide variety of products designed to redefine your dabbing experience. Many of their product offerings come in various colors and styles. We carry some of their best products that have a proven track record of reliability. The company offers a range of accessories that are intended to make your vaping experience more enjoyable. Find tips made from various high-quality materials, including glass, quartz and titanium. They also produce a range of tokers to enhance your experience.

Innovative Product Designs

The glass on all of the products manufactured by DNA Glass are works of art. You'll enjoy smooth lines, an easy fit in your hand and contoured features that make the device a joy to hold. Each product is carefully designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You'll enjoy excellent airflow in a device that is designed to provide you with an exceptional experience that goes beyond what you thought was possible with traditional dabbing tools. Replacement parts can be purchased, which makes this an ideal product for people who want to keep their product in pristine condition.

DNA Node Mini Nectar Collector

The DNA Node Mini Nectar Collector makes it easy to get better control and management fo your dabbing session. The product comes with everything you need to get started, and you'll be able to enjoy a simplified dabbing experience that helps you get more enjoyment from your hobby. The collector comes with a single percolator, a titanium tip for extra durability and a Mini Nectar Collector. Make use of the specially designed dab tray that's intended to provide a cohesive look to the set along with outstanding practical use. The device features a 10mm dimension.

DNA Xtract Nectar Collector

If you want a substantially improved dabbing experience, the DNA Xtract Nectar Collector is your best option. This device literally redefines the way you think about dabbing. It replaces your old dabber and eNail and replaces it with a more refined and exact dabbing experience that takes the art to a whole new level. 

The product offers the same features as the DNA Node Mini Nectar Collector but with a more sophisticated design and set of product features. You'll enjoy a simple experience that provides you with a smooth hit each time. You won't need a dabber or nail with this device, and the gift box serves as a convenient and safe way to carry the device. 

The device provides a more efficient dabbing experience, and the heat resistant glass ensures that the product doesn't get hot. A spill-proof design makes this unit cleaner than ever, and you'll benefit from an easily cleaning process to keep the device working in top condition. You'll also get an additional tip, so you can enjoy an even longer life cycle with this product. 

The set includes a gift box, tube, glass mouthpiece, dab tray, quartz tip and a Grade 2 titanium tip. You'll get all the equipment you need to get up and running right away.