Donutman by Hall of Fame Vapor HOF E-Liquid

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Enjoy the taste of a box of donuts without feeling guilty about the calories with Donutman by Hall of Fame Vapor HOF E-Liquid. There are several sweet notes that make up the liquid. For some, it might be a little too sweet, but a benefit of using a liquid for vaping is that you can adjust the amount that you have in the tank.


Product Description

This is one of the sweet treats offered by the manufacturer. It ranks among the top of the sweet flavors that customers have enjoyed. Using a lower temperature brings out the flavor notes so that you can detect them in a better fashion. When you open the bottle, you don't detect the notes as much as you might with some other flavors. However, when you start vaping, you can pick up on the glazed donuts that have a mix of raspberry and strawberry filling. You could also think of the Donutman by Hall of Fame Vapor HOF E-Liquid as a donut topped with a fruity glaze, one that is more on the side of strawberry than any other ingredient.

The liquid is one that is carefully crafted in order to deliver the flavors that you taste. If you do choose to inhale the liquid from the 30ml bottle, then you can get hints of fresh strawberries that have been picked from a field and placed in a basket. However, the exhale is one of warm donuts that have come straight from the oven. The flavor is that of a fluffy treat that you might enjoy for breakfast with a cup of coffee on the side. It's a liquid flavor that you can enjoy all day instead of vaping for a few times and setting aside because it's too strong.

Some who have used this liquid have determined that it's simply too sweet as the strawberry and raspberry flavors are almost like a syrup that you might see on an ice cream sundae instead of the fresh flavors that you would get from fruits that are picked. The donut flavor sometimes gets lost in the sweetness of these combinations, which is why it's best to vape at a lower temperature. The liquid comes in a bottle that has a gold appearance. There isn't really an indication on the bottle that a donut scent is inside until you remove the lid. The fruits hit you first, followed by the pastry.

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