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Donuts E-Liquid

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  • Pebbles Donut by Donuts E-Liquid

    Pebbles E-Juice is the premium nicotine flavor, and you're sure to love how it goes so well with any dessert you might want to imbibe.

  • Blueberry Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to vape a blueberry donut? Donuts is an eliquid manufacturer who specializes in making juice out of these delightful pastries, and we've got to say - they're pretty darn good at it. They make a wide variety of donut-themed flavors, such as Pebbles and Donut and standard Donut. However, today we're looking at this manufacturer's Blueberry Donuts blend.

  • Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid

    Are you ready for the amazing taste of fresh baked do-nutty goodness, straight out of the oven, funneled straight into your vape E-juice? If so, then yes, you are going straight for the taste of Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid. This vape flavor comes from the tasty, sugary, aroma-filled kitchen of Donuts E-Liquid, and this is a bakery that knows from its vape juice. 


Discover Donuts E-Juice

Rise and shine for a sugary sweet treat without the guilt with D'Oh! Nuts e-juice for your vaporizer or electronic cigarette. You might not enjoy crawling out of bed first thing in the morning, but there is nothing like indulging in a sweet doughnut and a cold glass of milk for breakfast. If you are trying to eat better, don't want to pack the calories into your day, or are just craving something sweet but don't have the time to stop at the local doughnut shop for your tasty breakfast, however, this e-juice is your perfect morning, dessert, or anytime treat.

With each draw of Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid feel like you are sinking your teeth into a sweetly glazed strawberry doughnut with a juicy strawberry filling and then washing it down with a sip of cool milk. Enjoy each of the layers of realistic flavor with a juice that lingers, creating a rich flavor that does not fade over the course of your vape. You will not get a strong throat hit with this juice, making it perfect for those occasions when you are looking for something that is silky smooth and indulgent. This is the ideal e-juice for anyone who wants to enjoy a variety of flavors available to them for their vaping experience so they can change up their vape to suit their mood or the time of day. Of course, you do not just have to delight in the rich pastry, sweet juicy strawberry, crackling glaze, bright jam, and refreshing, familiar milk flavor layers of this vaporizer e-juice first thing in the morning.

Sweet, Sugary E-Liquid

Blueberry Donuts by Donuts E-Liquid is perfect for any time you are craving something that tastes sinful but will not add any calories to your diet. A great alternative to an afternoon snack or dessert, and fantastic for when you are eating healthy and want to tame those sweet-tooth cravings without ruining all of the progress you have made by visiting the vending machine or swinging through the local drive-thru. Further customize your vaping experience by selecting the nicotine content that is right for your vaping style and needs.

Whether you want an e-juice that will give you a strong nicotine punch to fit in with your usual vaping routine, or you would prefer a lower nicotine content so that you can enjoy the flavor and the action of vaping without getting the extra nicotine, there is an option that is right for you.