Dr. Dabber Boost ERig Concentrate Kit

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The Dr. Dabber Boost ERig Concentrate Kit combines the ease of a compact device, the ability to produce a powerful draw, torch-less functionality, and seamless design. The Boost ERig is intended for essential oils or concentrates and is considered the first portable, battery powered rig. It comes with three e-nails and a glass water filtration system that perfectly mimics larger setups. The Boost ERig packs all the punch of a regular concentrate vaporizer, without compromising anything with its portable size.


Product Description

The Dr. Dabber Boost ERig Concentrate Kit is an innovative take on concentrate and/or essential oil vaporizing. Widely accepted as the first portable option, its list of features is lengthy and sure to cater to all the most important components of a dabbing device. It includes a rechargeable battery that will function for approximately 30 to 40 uses with each complete charge. The Boost is activated with the simple hit of a button and heats the product to an optimum point to create ideal vapor and clean taste. 

The Boost ERig strives to maintain the integrity of every draw and the preference of every user. In order to achieve this it includes a titanium dome-less nail, a ceramic dome-less nail, and a quartz dome-less nail. The detachable, internal heating unit reaches 515°F in 25 seconds and 610°F in 45 seconds, making every draw quick and ideally tempered. It is important to note, that while this product carries a comprehensive list of features, it is not intended for dry herb use.

Like many portable devices, the Boost ERig can be broken down into pieces for storage, maintenance, or transport. Dr. Dabber has made available the Boost Magnetic Loading Tool and Carb Cap. Having duplicates of these small tools means that users will have one less thing to keep track of or will have access to a set in the unfortunate event that the pair accidentally gets misplaced. 

Some users may wish to eliminate the e-nail component of a vaping experience. For those that want an exceptional, versatile product, you won't be found wanting with the investment of the Aurora Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber. Acclaimed by both Men's Health and Forbes as the best vape pen, it provides a powerful punch while maintaining a sleek design. Used for essential oils or concentrates, it has a rechargeable battery, magnetically attaching pieces, interchangeable atomizers, and a shotgun mouthpiece.

Dr. Dabber, the maker of the aforementioned products, opened their doors several years ago. Starting at first as the idea and desire to create premium vaporizing products, they have since grown to be one of the most recognizable brands for vapers across the country. They built their company into an industry paragon for those that want to have thick, potent vapor, that is smooth without sacrificing flavor. 

Dr. Dabber wants every customer to reach for their products time and time again. They are so sure of the quality of their products that they offer a one year warranty on every single one of their electronic pieces, with the exclusion of any glass components. 

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