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Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

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Dr. Dabber Vapes

Dr. Dabber is a premier vaping manufacturer that steadfastly strives to provide vapers with the ultimate vaping experience. The company is dedicated to producing quality products that enhance the enjoyment of any vape session. As the company continues to strive for the ultimate vaping experience, it continually pushes the envelope by bringing out innovative products that set the standard for other companies to follow. The company's mission is to create the ultimate vaporizer pen so that vapers can get all of the flavor and potency in an ultra-compact medium that can be taken anywhere.

Dr. Dabber Pen Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber offers vape pens to suit any budget. The Dr. Dabber Ghost Concentrate Pen is ideal for people who want to enjoy a mobile vaping experience but don't want to fork out a hefty chunk of change for the privilege. Dr. Dabber vaporizers are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you'll get a streamlined and efficient user experience. You'll enjoy three heat settings that are carefully calibrated to work with a full range of consistencies. 

Select the Right Dr. Dabber Accessory

The unit uses a magnetic connection to make assembly a breeze. There is no threading required with this product due to the magnetic design. You'll also be able to select the atomizer you want for your session. Since concentrates have different consistencies, this makes it possible to customize your vaping session for the concentrate you're using. 

Multiple Dish Options by Doctor Dabber Vapes

Select a dual quartz rod with a quartz dish if you plan to use low viscosity oils. For oils that are waxy in nature, consider the dual ceramic rod with a quartz dish. The highest viscosity oils can benefit from a ceramic halo heater with a quartz dish. No matter what your application, there is a dish that will serve your needs.

Select the mouthpiece that works best for your situation. Choose the standard ceramic mouthpiece to achieve a fit that is comfortable and promotes efficient airflow. The ceramic shotgun mouthpiece uses a tip that is designed to reduce the possibility of clogging. You'll get a smooth vaping experience no matter what option you go with, and you'll love the ability to change your mouthpiece when you find you need a different vaping experience. The satin black finish rounds out the package with smooth logos and a low profile form. 

Dr. Dabber Vape Kits

Dr. Dabber offers a host of accessories to ramp up your vaping experience. The Boost eRig kit gives you the power you need to stay portable. It uses a setup similar to what you might find in a traditional glass setup, and you'll enjoy a glass water filtration system to give you an effectively simulated dabbing experience. The kit comes with all you need to experience an effective and satisfying portable dabbing experience without sacrificing quality. 

When you need a replacement top, you can order an original Dr. Dabber replacement to ensure you continue to get the highest quality vaping experience. Try a Dr. Dabber Honeymat to enjoy a better platform for organizing your concentrates and oils. The mats can also be used to safely rest your precious glass pieces and other items that you want to stay put. The Honeymat is made from platinum-grade silicone, and you'll benefit from the non-stick surface.

Dr. Dabber Warranty

Dr. Dabber offers a one-year no questions asked warranty period on all of the company's batteries and chargers. If you need to return an item under the warranty, just contact the company to see if your item is eligible for warranty protection. The company requires you to notify them before you return an item.