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Dr. Greens Vaporizers

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Dr. Greens' Convenient Product Offerings

Dr. Greens is a trusted company that focuses on vaping supplies that can significantly increase both enjoyment and convenience. Dr. Greens also makes many products that are beneficial for receptacle cleaning and detoxification purposes.

One notable Dr. Greens product is the iVape Vaporizer. The iVape Vaporizer is a relatively new Dr. Greens offering. It's a vaporizer that's centered around convection. It places hot air on top of your aromatherapy and as a result leads to the vaporization process. The vaporizer employs a sophisticated vapor whip that can handle all loading needs. If you want to access your vapor hit, all you have to do is place this whip right in front of electrofusion coil that's part of the ceramic.

The iVape Vaporizer has a genuinely impressive rapid warmup time. The product is capable of warming up in a mere four minutes total. If you're rather impatient and don't exactly like waiting around, this warmup time is optimal for you and for your lifestyle. The iVape Vaporizer from Dr. Greens is a beloved product among people who care about dependability. It also makes a highly economical vaporizer choice.

If you want to avoid having to pay for a costly unit, the iVape Vaporizer may be the answer for you. Since this product is inexpensive, it can be convenient for people who are brand new to vaporizing. It's not a big financial commitment in any way, after all. This vaporizer features a classic glass whip. It also has longevity on its side. The benefits its offers users are numerous. The vaporizer also has a unique and memorable look. It looks a lot like a traditional wooden box. If you want to invest in a box unit that has an interesting appearance that sets it apart from many of the other choices out there, the iVape Vaporizer will not do you wrong! Although it's indeed a box unit, it has a one-of-a-kind vibe that makes it a pleasure to see and use regularly. 

Vape Accessories

The iVape Vaporizer Heater Cover is another convenient product that's made by the talented team at Dr. Greens. If you're searching for an iVape vaporizer sleeve you can fully trust, this heater cover may be the right solution. This vaporizer sleeve is pleasant because it's a cinch to get off and on. It slides effortlessly and smoothly. 

The material that's used to make the iVape Vaporizer Heater Cover is also highly impressive. The cover is made of sturdy and strong Pyrex tempered glass. If you're in need of a vaporizer heater cover that's far from delicate and flimsy, this Dr. Greens product can accommodate you without trouble.

If you somehow break your first heater cover, this Dr. Greens product should make a superb replacement option for you. If you put this new heater cover on your device, it should look as good as new. Be sure to put gloves on your hands prior to handling glass changing duties. 

People who are fans of effective and reliable vaporizer heater covers cannot go wrong with the iVape Vaporizer Heater Cover. If you want to know more about vaporizer heater covers and how they work, feel free to get in contact with the team here at GotVape. Our staff members are among the most knowledgeable and industrious vaping experts you could ever hope to meet. We can address any questions you have about Dr. Greens' high-quality products. If you need additional information regarding the iVape Vaporizer and its functioning, we can come to your aid. If you need extra details regarding the iVape Vaporizer Heater Cover, we can come to your aid as well. Email or call us today!