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Dragonthol by Solace Salts E-Liquid is a vibrant representation of dragon fruit with a cool undertone of menthol. This fruity, yet refreshing e-liquid hits the bull's eye of balance between taste and cloud payoff. Every inhalation has the full essence of a dragon fruit in addition to the soothing impact of menthol. Then, once exhaled, the vapor is dense and impressive. As a nicotine salt product, Dragonthol is best when paired with a low wattage, non-sub ohm device. 


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Product Description

Dragonthol by Solace Salts E-Liquid carries with it the unique flavor of a dragon fruit embedded in a menthol liquid. Every draw starts with a rich sweetness and coolness that won't leave any sticky residue in the mouth. Once the draw is exhaled, vapers are treated to the dense vapor payoff that is inherent in this smooth e-liquid. 

Dragonthol is a nicotine salt e-liquid and as a result is ideally paired with a low wattage pod or cartridge device. As with many e-liquids, Dragonthol has VG and PG as base ingredients. The VG concentration is 50% and the PG concentration is also 50%. Because the two are in equilibrium, they play seamlessly off of each other. The flavor is perfectly captured in the PG and the vapor is fully realized in the VG. 

Mint by Solace Salts E-Liquid is another nicotine salt flavor that many users will love. It does not have menthol as an ingredient, but because of its mint flavoring, it still boast a soothing effect in each draw. With this flavor, there is a subtly creamy taste that ensures every draw is smooth and satisfying while still producing massive clouds. 

A device that can be flawlessly paired with any of the above nicotine salt e-liquids is the Sutra Dash POD Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. The streamline design keep it aesthetically sleek and discreet. It is an extremely user friendly pod as it is activated by a few short inhalations and then automatically vaporizes the e-liquid that has been placed in its 1mL pod. The Sutra Dash Pod, when paired with a nicotine salt e-liquid, provides users with idyllic sessions.

Dragonthol by Solace Salts E-Liquid is available in two nicotine concentrations, 30mg and 50mg. The intensity of the nicotine saturation ensures then when vapers use this product, they need only a puff or two to be satisfied. This also ensures that the e-liquid lasts for a long time as refills are needed very infrequently. Dragonthol comes in a 15mL bottle with a dropper style lid. This design feature ensures then during refills, no liquid goes to waste because of a spill.

Solace Salts E-Liquid opened their doors a few years ago. They saw a place in the vaping market where people would want quick, satisfying, and intense e-liquid solutions. Because of this, they have curated and cultivated some of the most prime nicotine salt e-liquids on the market. They constantly push themselves to hit as many flavor niches as possible to satisfy as many customers as possible. 

While you are considering Dragonthol, feel free to look through the rest of Solace Salts E-Liquid flavor options. At GotVape.com, we have also made an effort to offer as many tanks, mods, e-liquids, and accessories to our customers as possible. This comes as an effort to create a one stop spot for all your vaping needs. If you have any questions, please reach out to our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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