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DRYD E-Liquid

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DRYD E-Liquid and Mad Duck Vapors

DRYD E-Liquid is an imprint of the highly successful Mad Duck Vapors. Manufactured in Anaheim, California, these handcrafted blends come from a company that has produced more than 100,000 bottles of e-juice. Each flavor is distinct and made from the best raw ingredients. The tastes of strawberries, kiwis, apples, and pears are refined and perfected in these e-juices that render outstanding vapor volume.

There's still something to be said for simplicity in an e-juice blend. While exotic new flavor combinations are nice, some of them have so many things going on that individual notes get lost. If you're craving the simple taste of ripe fruit, one that is authentic without a lot of unnecessary frills, this brand has flavors that are right up your alley.

DRYD E-Liquid and Mad Duck Vapors built their success on a simple principle. Whatever you choose to do, be the best at it. The company has proven that elegant e-liquids which are less complex in their inspiration can rise to the top by being authentic. If a bottle of e-liquid says it has a strawberry flavor, you should be able to taste strawberries instead of some poorly crafted, generic sweetness. Stop tasting what they tell you to taste and start savoring the real thing with these rich flavors.

Premium Mix by DRYD E-Liquid is a smooth combination of ripe apples and juicy pears. What you will notice right away about this blend is the way it balances the tartness of the apple flavor with the sweetness of the pear profiles. The end result is as satisfying as a cool glass of apple juice that has been sweetened and mellowed just a tad. It's easy on the throat and does not lose its distinctive appeal when you vape it all day.

Tropical Mix by DRYD E-Liquid harnesses a popular e-juice combination in its presentation of strawberry and kiwi. These are two fruits that complement each other very well, and that union is on full display in this e-liquid. You'll notice the sweetness of the strawberries right away, and the addition of the kiwi adds a tangy finish. Unlike some e-liquids that combine these tastes, this one allows you to distinguish each flavor as you inhale.

DRYD Blends of Fruit

All varieties from this brand come in large 120ml bottles with a convenient dropper. You won't need to worry about spills when you fill your tank. You can choose from nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, or 6mg. All of them are great for cloud chasing thanks to their high VG rating. This isn't the same old fruit mix. It sparkles with a realistic taste thanks to the premium raw ingredients used by the brand.

This manufacturer takes a very thoughtful approach to the creation of designer e-juices. It all begins by enlisting the aid of top mixologists to craft a superior recipe. It is not uncommon for these flavor artists to spend many months perfecting a blend. Once this is done, Mad Duck Vapors calls upon its network of suppliers to obtain the very best raw materials. Finally, each bottle is steeped in a well-maintained clean room. You won't need to apply additional steeping to these e-juices when they arrive. Just add them to your tank and enjoy.

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