Dual Chamber Silicone Oil Vile by STR8


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The Dual Chamber Silicon Oil Vile by STR8 is a concentrate container that is both the most efficient and protective way to store your favorite concentrates. Without the proper storage, the concentrate is likely to get stuck to surfaces making it very difficult to remove without possibly shattering pieces or ending up a sticky mess. Constructed of non-stick premium silicone, the Dual Chamber Silicone Oil Vile is a vape accessory that you are sure to use on a daily basis. Coming in a variety of customizable colors, this portable silicone container is small in stature and is virtually non-destructible making it ideal for those who are accident prone or clumsy.


Product Description

To use the container, simply transfer the concentrate from the material it came in with a dabber tool and place it in the Dual Chamber Silicone Oil Vile for safe keeping. Usually, concentrate containers don’t need a lot of cleaning or maintenance, but overtime residue may build up and coat the edges of the container. When that offers the residue ca easily be scrapped off a can be thoroughly cleaned with rubbing alcohol or wipes such as Got Vape Wipes 100pk.

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