eGo Battery 650 mAh by TAO


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The eGo Battery 650mAh by TAO is a powerful battery that uses high technology to deliver a great vape experience.


Product Description

At 72mm in length the battery is 30.0g in weight and has a high-safety, high-capacity of 650mAh. A dedicated lithium battery, it comes is a plethora of color options. A MCU main control chip inside of the body for high performance and stability. Featuring protection against short circuit, protection against over-charging and discharging, the eGo Battery 650mAh ensures continuous working of your atomizers. The protection switch employs a lock/unlock function which makes it safer and easier to use, preventing accidental battery discharge when not in use. Screw the battery into the hole of the atomizer and gently push the tank cartridge into the atomizer, then it is ready for use. The battery can be easily charged with an assortment of USB chargers. Perfect addition to your vape collection, the eGo Battery 650mAh by TAO is exactly what you need for an advanced, stellar experience. At a great price, make sure to get one today!

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