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EGY Puff Vape pen is Puff King's on the go starter kit for use with e-Juices. Among all the starter vape pens available in the saturated market, it is hard to decide which vape pen to buy as the first plunge. Look no further. Puff King, one of the leading brands in premium quality Vaporizers and e-Juices, has created EGY Puff Vape pen that offers great performance at an affordable price.


Product Description

To ensure that customers' every penny is well-spent, the manufacturer has taken great time to create this sleek, durable vaporizer. 

Unlike most other vape pens that are simply the same products made from China with their own logo printed on them, the EGY Puff Vape pen has really put all its competitors to shame. The EGY Puff has a powerful 650mAh battery to guarantee bigger, denser clouds, and a hassle-free vaping experience on the go. Puff King has also upgraded to the CE4 super high quality atomizer so that they will last longer than their competitors. The atomizer will vaporize the e-Juices to the fullest and produce rich vapors. To top the game, Puff King has also improved to higher quality wicks and internal wiring so that each pen is made to last and each puff is packed with an extra punch of flavor and effect. And to induce a greater visual appeal of the EGY Puff Vaporizer, Puff King is offering the choices of 10 colors to choose from: dark midnight blue, neon yellow, pomegranate purple, granny smith green, pale baby pink, pale powder blue, bronze orange, flat black, siren red, and flat white. 

The EGY Puff is simply the perfect solution for those who want to switch from tobacco smoking to vaping. It comes with one easy button activation and de-activation, and can easily be stowed in pockets. To get the most out of this vape pen, you will want to look into pairing it with Puff King's own line 'Vintage Tobacco' e-juice or the flavored Puff King e-Juice. At such a great price, you won't find a better deal in any e-liquid vape pen on the market.

Unscrew the battery and attach it to the USB charger. As the battery comes totally uncharged, please remember that the first battery charge must require eight hours. Even when the charger light turns green, ignore the signal, and wait til the eight hours of charge is completed (If you ignore this important process, your battery will run low much quicker). 

Once the battery is fully charged, fill the tank by unscrewing the top off, filling it with the e-liquid of your choice, and re-screw the top on. To avoid spillage and smoother fill-up, please remember to fill the tank at a slight angle so that the fluid can easily glide down the side of the tank. Please also remember not to overfill the tank and do not vape when your tank is completely empty. These two common mistakes may cause overheating of the tank, create internal damage to the vaporizer, and shorten the life of the pen. To vape, simply screw the battery onto the tank and press power button rapidly five times. To turn off the vaporizer, simply repeat the same process – five rapid press of the power button. 

When your battery is charging, the USB charger LED light indicator will flash red until it that flashes green to signal that the battery is fully charged. Most batteries take about two to three hours for a full charge.

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