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El Jefe by Solace Salts E-Liquid takes traditional tobacco flavor and formulates it into a nicotine salt vaping liquid. Every inhale starts with an unmistakable testament to tobacco that is concluded with a caramel sweetness. The combination makes this flavor a slam dunk across the board. The singular flavor experience in a draw also provides vapers with a massive cloud payoff upon exhale. Because it is a nicotine salt product, El Jefe is best when used with a non-sub ohm, low wattage device.


Product Description

El Jefe by Solace Salts E-Liquid captures the robust, rich flavor of tobacco seamlessly and completely. Solace Salts teamed up with Dripset Distribution to create this entirely unique flavor. During the initial moments of a draw, vapers will experience the bold and smooth nuances of tobacco. Then, when they exhale the draw, there is a sweet undertone that create a wholly satisfying flavor experience. The flavor in this e-liquid is ideally balanced by the vapor as well.

El Jefe is a nicotine salt e-lqiuid. As a result, it is intended to be used strictly with mouth to lung devices. In general, these types of units are pod or cartridge mods with low wattage output. El Jefe has a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. Equal parts of each at the formula level let the flavor to be fulfilled within the PG while still allowing massive vapor to be attained within the VG.

El Jefe by Solace Salts E-Liquid is packaged with two nicotine concentrate options, 30mg and 50mg. Because nicotine salts possess high saturation of nicotine, vaper satisfaction is reached more quickly during a session. Fewer draws are needed to reach the desired nicotine intake and as a result, refills aren't needed as often. The impact of this means that this product lasts for an extremely long time. El Jefe comes in a 15mL bottle with a dropper applicator that ensures refills aren't messy. Every part of this product was thoughtfully crafted to give vapers access to idyllic vaping sessions. 

Peppermint Patty by Solace Salts E-Liquid is another one of the flavor options from this nicotine salt manufacturer. When being vaped, users will be transported into thinking they are eating a Peppermint Patty candy. The mint and sweet flavors play off of each other flawlessly to create an entirely appetizing draw. Per the usual with flavors from Solace Salts, each draw is intrinsically smooth and dense in vapor.

Another tasty option is Red Hot by Solace Salts E-Liquid. During a draw, a vaper's mouth will be peppered with a cinnamon essence so genuine, they will feel like they are eating a Hot Tamale. The taste won't overwhelm the vapor and it won't leave an unpleasant, tacky aftertaste. Its VG/PG is balanced at 50/50 and the nicotine concentrations come in 30mg and 50mg.

Solace Salts E-Liquid started their company with the goal of creating potent, unique, and premium nicotine salt e-liquids. They achieved that and more by constantly pushing themselves to be on the cutting edge of flavor innovation and customer satisfaction. They use high end ingredients to ultimately turn out optimum products.

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