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ELeaf Vaporizers

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Eleaf's Trusted Vapes

Eleaf USA is a well-known brand that produces a vast range of dependable vaping products. Some examples of the types of products that are made by Eleaf include e-liquids, coils, atomizers and batteries. The brand even sells handy accessories for people who are frustrated by any lost components.

Eleaf Istick vaporizers

Eleaf has many options in iSticks available to customers. If you want to enjoy a fine and extensive selection of iSticks, Eleaf may just have exactly what you need and then some. The iStick Mini 10W is one specific product that's made by the brand. This iStick is ideal for people who appreciate compactness. If you're looking for an iStick that's the epitome of portable and easy to transport, this may be ideal. Although this iStick is indeed small, it's a lot more powerful than it looks. It's capable of accommodating a maximum of 10W. Since this iStick has a streamlined design, you can bring it with you regardless of where you go. You can hold it in your hand without a problem. You can even store it in your pocket if you want to keep your hands free. It's equipped with a battery display that notifies you when your battery levels are declining, too. 

IStick 20W Vape

The iStick 20W is a great option for people who want to multiply their vaping power by two. This battery has a slender metallic appearance that's chic and attractive. Since the iStick 20W is so narrow, it's a total piece of cake to transport from point A to point B.

Eleaf also has kits available for purchase. The brand's iStick 30W Full Kit includes, a variety of essential components. These are the iStick 30W, an eGo Thread Connection Adapter, a single amp wall charger and a USB (Universal Serial Bus) charging cable. The kit even comes with a convenient user manual for people who want to make sure they're using everything in the correct manner. The iStick has variable voltage and wattage and an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display. Its recharging time is roughly two and a half hours.

Eleaf Starter Kits

The iStick 50W Full Kit can be an excellent kit choice for vaping enthusiasts who want to enhance their pleasure. If you're keen on battery longevity, this kit is indeed the one for you. The design of the iStick 50W is top-notch thanks to its small body and curved sides. Its smoothly curved sides make transportation a true joy. If you're interested in having an atomizer that has a better power capacity, the iStick 50W's output wattage and voltage scope can be an asset. The iStick 50W has a temperature alarm feature that keeps the risks of overheating at bay, too, which is yet another major convenience. This temperature alarm feature can also be great for encouraging product longevity. The iStick 50W makes a strong and sturdy mod that's ideal for people who don't want to spend a lot of money.

Eleaf Istick Box Mods

Eleaf's iStick 100W Box Mod is yet another available vaping product. The iStick 100W is capable of accommodating atomizers that have ohms of merely 0.15. That's why it's great for people who are committed to fantastic flavoring and massive clouds galore. If you want to be able to use this device, you need a pair of 18650 batteries. This product has an OLED display.

The brand's iStick 40W Temp Control, last but not least, is a vaping product that's a vision of fresh and advanced technology. It comes with an interesting temperature control feature that doesn't cause drying of hits. While this device is on the small side, it can manage upward of 40W. It's no surprise that this temperature control product is a hit among vaping lovers. Contact us at GotVape today if you have any further questions.