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It's hard to deny the appeal of a sweet, mellow taste during the heat of the summer, and Enter the Dragon by Gemini E-Liquid provides that exact experience. It is a delicious blend of succulent strawberries and sweet, mild peach that creates a taste reminiscent of a tropical summer cocktail.


Product Description

The vapor produced from this e-liquid is both thick and rich, and the flavor is bold enough to enjoy during frequent, continuous use, without overpowering your taste buds. Anyone with an affinity for sweet, tropical flavors will certainly fall in love with this exquisite blend from Gemini Vapors, one of the most trusted and respected names in premium e-liquids.

Enter the Dragon takes its name from the famous Bruce Lee movie released in 1973 with the same title. The name is meant to represent the bold flavor of the e-liquid, and how it has a powerful, refreshing kick to it that reminds one of sipping a tropical mixed drink or a glass of tart yet sweet lemonade on a hot day. The amazing flavor of this e-liquid is perfectly balanced between the candy sweetness of the strawberries and the mild, smooth finish of the peach. The result is a flavor profile with hints of other fruits not even present in the blend, like grapefruit and other tinges of citrus. Enter the Dragon is perfect for those who seek premium e-liquids with deep, immersive flavors.

Gemini Vapors has been producing their fine e-liquids for years, and their product line includes several other distinct flavors that you won't find matched in quality by any other manufacturer. They only use the best ingredients when producing their stellar liquids, and the resulting products have earned them a reputation as a top tier supplier of superb e-liquids. As their product line continues to grow, more and more of their customers will spread the word about their tasty blends, and soon no collection of e-liquids will be complete without one of the flavors from Gemini Vapors.

Every flavor produced by Gemini Vapors, including Enter the Dragon, is sold with a child-proof glass dropper cap and comes in a glass vial. Each bottle of Enter the Dragon comes with 15ml of the e-liquid, and there are four possible nicotine contents to choose from. Those nicotine levels include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. The liquid is blended in a PG/VG mixture with a ratio of 50/50, so it's perfect for hybrid devices. With so many nicotine concentration options, you can choose the level that best allows you to enjoy the flavor without overpowering your own personal nicotine tolerance.

The appeal of Enter the Dragon is easy to understand, especially for those who have at least sampled the aromatic blend. The flavor starts exceptionally sweet with strawberries up front, and as the vapor cools during exhalation, a subtle peach overtone replaces the sweet strawberry, mixing together to create new and unique combinations. It finishes crisp on the tongue and immediately invites a second hit.

All of the Gemini Vapors products are delicious, but Enter the Dragon is one of the more recent additions to their line of mouth-watering premium e-liquids. The unique combination of peach and strawberry can not be matched by other producers, and the rich yet delicate vapor is both smooth and satisfying.

Key Features of Enter the Dragon by Gemini E-Liquid:
  • Sweet Flavor with a Kick
  • Peach and Strawberry Blend
  • Available in 15ml Bottles
  • 50/50 PG/VG Ratio
  • Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg Nicotine Content

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    My Top 3 juices

    I've went through 8 bottles of this over the holidays and with good reason, it's a very rich strawberry and with hints of other fruit blends, though not overpowering, and not weak to the point it's unnoticeable like other juices I've tried. However, just want to point out each bottle I received have tasted very freshly made, so there isn't a very good flavor at first, but after letting them steep for a week these are one of my top 3 juices I vape every day.

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