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Come out of the fog and blast off into Euphoria, with Cosmic Fog's Premium E-Juice flavor, Euphoria! Vaping enthusiasts who've been waiting for e-liquid Nirvana need wait no more, because Cosmic Fog has been laboring long and hard (over a blending and development period of 7 to 10 months) to bring you a new liquid flavor that will take you into the stratosphere and back again, in a vaping experience that's absolutely euphoric!


Product Description

This cosmic taste sensation is the latest to come from the e-liquid innovators at Cosmic Fog. This Orange County e-liquid brand is known for pioneering whole new cutting-edge levels of taste in their e-liquid concoctions. Cosmic Fog invests in long periods of incubation for its new flavors, as it puts its flavors through intensive levels of taste testing, to ensure great taste that lasts for the duration. Now, with the introduction of Euphoria, they are making it known that Cosmic Fog is a Vaping brand of utterly cosmic proportions.

With Euphoria, Cosmic Fog sets out into true taste Valhalla, with a tangy new flavor that captures the essence of a favorite breakfast cereal combined with a Nirvana-esque citrus experience. This flavor adds a twist of orange (with an emphasis on orange!) wild berry, and tangy cut lemon pieces all mixed into a delicious glass of milk. This is a vape taste sensation of the first order, and Cosmic Fog is proud to stand behind it in all its exquisitely fun flavors, notes and tastes.

It's no accident that Cosmic Fog has now become one of the leaders in the vaping world, with its incredible innovations in taste, blends and groundbreaking e-juice flavors. 

When it's time to truly take a journey into the outer reaches of the vape taste universe, it's time to try Cosmic Fog's Premium e-Liquid, Euphoria.

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