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The Evolve Rainbow Edition Concentrate Kit by Yocan is a colorfully designed and expertly crafted wax pen that would be welcome in any collection. While it's compact, that doesn't come at the cost of power. The rechargeable battery is able to output 1100mAh of power for longer sessions. The Evolve Plus Atomizer and quartz dual coil system are perfect for vaporizing concentrates and essential oils. The Evolve Rainbow Dab Pen's single button activation triggers a draw that is vapor dense and smooth.


Product Description

The Evolve Rainbow Edition Wax Pen Kit brings with it all the most important components of a quality, compact vaporizer. The dab pen stands at approximately 4.72"X.55", making it the perfect size to stow in a pocket or purse. True to other Yocan products, it has in integrated quartz dual coil system. As the wax pen is part of the Evolve line, it has an Evolve atomizer built in as well. These components, mixed with the 1100mAh battery, ultimately allow the Evolve Rainbow to perfectly temper products for satisfying, cloud packed draws. 

The Evolve Rainbow Dab Pen also has some additional features that put it over the top of a thoughtfully designed device. The dab pen has a built in, silicone lined storage compartment so users can carry around concentrates or oils with them for easy access. It also has an automatic shut off features that occurs after ten seconds so that products aren't burned in addition to prolonging battery life. The mouth piece's design helps to ensure no products leak out and is also insulated to prevent it from heating up with the chamber. Overall, this pen creates a completely enjoyable session for novices and professional vapers alike.

As with any device that undergoes continual use, eventually some parts may need replacement. Not ignorant to this demand, Yocan produced the Evolve Coil 5pk. Having access to a supply of replacement units helps ensure that the wax pen is ready to go for every session. It also helps to ensure that the essence stays clean and full. 

Some users may find themselves in the market for something a little more multi-functional. Yocan created the Explore 2 in 1 Vaporizer for that very reason. This wax pen kit includes two different mouth piece chambers, one for dry herbs and one for concentrates. Each one is constructed of ceramic to help create an idyllic heating environment. The Explore has adjustable settings with a streamline three button system. The rechargeable, 2600mAh capacity battery produces temperatures that range between 200°F-460°F. The Explore 2 in 1 is a great dual function device.

Yocan made their home in the vaping industry several years ago. Since opening their doors, they have only created products intended to vaporize essential oils, dry herbs, and concentrates. The attention to those specific areas has allowed the company to push themselves to create exceptional products and also to have a quality guarantee. Vapers will find themselves loving many of the products that Yocan has produced. 

While you decide if the Evolve Rainbow Edition Concentrate Kit by Yocan is the perfect dab pen for you, please look through the many pens, mods, tanks, and accessories available through GotVape.com. We also offer several lines of e-liquids in order to fulfill as many customer necessities as possible. If any questions come up while you browse the website, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

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    LOVE it

    My first time buying a wax pen from this company and I gotta say ... it blew my mind.. literally !! I absolutely love it! Any kind of hit it really worth it. The battery level is really good on it too and I’m a constant toker so I have it with me all day every day and the battery went three days straight with out dying and it still kept a charge I just felt like it was time to charge it! I have no complaints other than not receiving a manual with it but thankfully I was able to see one here online! Great purchase over all! & now it’s time for another hit!!!

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