Extreme Q Vaporizer Cyclone Bowl

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  • Hand Crafted in Canada

  • Designed for the Extreme & V-Tower

  • Highest Quality Fabrication

  • OEM Extreme Q Vaporizer Parts


Product Description

The Extreme Q Vaporizer Cyclone Bowl is 3.4 inches in length and has a 1 inch diameter opening at both ends. The section that fits onto the unit is comprised of ground glass. The opposite end, which is used for attaching the Extreme Q Vaporizer Whip or basic whip/hose, is wrapped in a heat resistant rubber. The Extreme Cyclone Bowl is designed for both the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer and the Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer. However, the Extreme Q Cyclone Bowl can also be used in conjunction with the Extreme Q Vaporizer Balloon Mini Whip on additional Direct Application Ground Glass Vaporizers.

Turn on the unit, set to desired temperature and wait approximately 3-5 minutes for warm up to complete. With the rubberized end facing up place aromatherapy in Extreme Q Vaporizer Cyclone Bowl and place ground glass end on the heating element inside the opening of the unit.

If essential oils are being used place ONE drop on a sterile cotton ball and insert into Cyclone Bowl. Attach whip elbow into top of Extreme Cyclone Bowl and continue to vaporize with a whip or balloon. Do not pack aromatherapy into the Extreme Q Vaporizer Cyclone Bowl more than half way, as this will inhibit proper air flow.

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    Glass is Better

    This is genius. An all glass bowl. Most Vapes use some weird material to hold your Meds and it really affects the taste. See I like flavor because I feel it means it is more pure. You can’t go wrong with glass. It has been around for centuries.

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    Love It!

    I don't know why or how i keep breaking mine but this is the 3rd one iv had to buy! and these arent like cheap glass its all my mistakes! i thank gotvape for providing these for sooo cheap! iv seen these on other sites for double the price!?

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