Extreme Q Vaporizer Glass Tuff Bowl
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Extreme Q Vaporizer Glass Tuff Bowl

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    Just picked up the "Tuff" Bowl, tried it & review ready. This is the first replacement since purchasing the Q-Extreme, just shy of three years ago. Please keep in mind that the orig. bowl is sturdy and of quality material.
    Now back to the "tough bowl". It's a heat resistant sleeve placed over a clear glass bowl, with ground glass on each end opening. The sleeve was hanging over the glass bowl on each end. Not like the picture online. Before using the ends (both) needed folding back. The glass actually gets equally as hot as the orig. bowl. I don't suggest touching the "Tuff" bowl until cooled completely. Use your glass tool to stir your contents, if needed. Speaking of the stir tool, I also picked up the Q-extreme whip kit. Pricing wise the orig. bowl $10, "Tuff" bowl $15 & Full Kit $20. IMO, stick to the Orig. bowl, it's a great product. If your gonna pay the extra $5 for the sleeve, just get the entire kit and spare on hand is always the best route. Honestly, could have went to the local hardware store for some heat resistant material and produced the same sleeve. Not really necessary or essential for the Q-Extreme customer/consumer. When you make a quality vaporizer, there's nothing to improve. Stick with the Orig. IMO. Hope this review helps.

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