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Extreme Q Vaporizers

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Extreme Q Vapes

The company has a large following of enthusiastic vapers who love its products for their superior design, exceptional performance and proven reliability. Arizer uses only quality components in their manufacturing process, and the Extreme Q vaporizers use materials that are designed to avoid leaching hazardous chemicals and toxins. This makes it possible for you to obtain one of the cleanest and purest vaping sessions available. 

Based on the original Arizer Extreme, this model prioritizes improved quality, exceptional performance and a long usable life. The unit offers an even quieter operation than its predecessor with a fan that allows for exceptionally quiet operation. The unit has innovative features, including a remote control to power the unit on and off, change the temperature and adjust the fan speed. You'll also love its ability to heat up quickly and save your temperature settings for a custom vaping experience.

Stylish and Design-Oriented

The Extreme Q offers an exceptional design that makes it a highly attractive addition to any home. You'll love the Midnight Chrome finish, and design enhancements that make it even more compact than the previous generation. The unit also features a crystal-clear LCD screen so you can monitor the temperature and other functions. 

Durable and Efficient

The Extreme Q offers excellent temperature control with the inclusion of triple heat sensors. It features a completely redesigned solid state circuitry that offers additional reliability and efficiency. In fact, it's more than 50 percent more efficient than its predecessor. The Vaporizer is also able to heat up and provide a uniform heating element thanks to the ceramic heating system. You can also change the temperature display to show your temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsuis.

Precise Temperature Control

One of the most useful features of this unit is the ability to adjust the temperature in increments of one degree Celsuis. Changing the temperature is easy by using the remote control or using the available temperature buttons on the unit. Since the system is completely digital, you'll know exactly what temperature the unit is operating at so you can fine-tune your session. 

Enhanced Components and Utility

One of the nice additions to the Extreme Q is the inclusion of a balloon fill system. The unit offers three possible fan speeds, and the speed you choose determines how fast it takes to fill the balloon. An innovative construction makes it possible to fill the balloon in less than three minutes when the unit is set to the fastest fan speed. 

Extree Q Smart Functionality and Features

Not all vaporizers make it possible to work in more than one manner. This unit is a multi-functional vaporizer that makes it possible to use it as a steamer, mineral diffuser and aromatherapy vape. If you want to go with a traditional vaping experience, you can use an extra long vapor whip to make the unit even more convenient to use. The base of the unit includes a blue light to improve your mood and ambiance during your session. The base lights can be powered on and off using either your remote or the buttons on the unit.

Learn More About Arizer Products

If you want to learn more about the Extreme Q or other products from the Arizer line, please contact our company here at directly. Our company representatives have extensive knowledge regarding the Extreme Q and all other products we carry. If you need any additional information we are available Monday-Friday from 9AM-6PM PST.