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When you are looking for a high-quality vaporizer to use on a regular basis, the durable Exxus Dual Coil Skillet is a worthwhile investment. This vaporizer features a 510 battery connection for vaporizer pens, which makes it an ideal replacement part if your original coil has gone bad or turned up missing. This coil's threads make it easy to remove and clean as needed. Light pressure while turning counterclockwise loosens the coil for cleaning and airing out between uses. This coil fits any vaping pen that has a 510 battery connection.


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Another great feature of the Exxus Dual Coil Skillet is its corrosion-free finish. The coils are made from medium gauge stainless steel, which means that they can withstand many uses and still perform like they did the first time that you used them. The corrosion resistance helps the coils to maintain functionality at heating your vaping pen. Even if some humidity or moisture manages to work its way into the heating chamber, the coils will still perform. The coils will not tarnish or rust even after many months of regular use of your vaping pen.

This Exxus Dual Coil Skillet works with your preferred type of vaping concentrate. When you place the concentrate into the vaporizer, you can rest assured knowing that the coil will immediately start to heat it, resulting in a rich aroma and fresh taste. The non-stick coils provide even heating of the concentrate so that you can enjoy your vaping session to the fullest extent possible. The Exxus Dual Coil Skillet works faster than a single coil skillet so that you can enjoy favorite consumable vaping products.

The dual coils of the Exxus Dual Coil Skillet produce a rich cloud of vaporized product for you to relax and enjoy. It works with both glass fiber wicks and ceramic wicks to provide you with the purest scents and tastes every time. You can use this dual coil skillet with any type of vaping pen, including those with glass or ceramic wicks. This is convenient, especially if you enjoy alternating the products that you use in the vaporizer. The dual coils produce a higher density vaping cloud so that you get more of the flavor that you desire.

The lightly textured black finish on the hand grip portion of the Exxus Dual Coil Skillet makes this item easy to handle. When you open up the vaporizer, you will put one hand on each of the black areas. This grip makes it more comfortable for you to open the chamber. The shiny stainless steel exterior upper portion of the Exxus Dual Coil Skillet adds a classy touch to the vaporizer when it is all put back together. This stainless steel finish also helps to protect the glass or ceramic wick inside of the chamber.

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    not too pleased

    Unfortunately this has been ab expensive venture... the first coil blew within a few weeks so I ordered another coil for it...that one also does not work well...the coils do not get hot enough to create the vape

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