Exxus EX5 Oil Cartridge by Exxus Vape


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The Exxus EX5 Oil Cartridge by Exxus Vape is ergonomically conscious while still providing ideal performance. This petite yet powerful cartridge has a stainless-steel core encased by pyrex glass. This structure is both durable and ideal for tempering e-liquids or oils. It has a male style, 510 thread attachment component. This is a common threading among the vaping industry. As a result, users will be able to easily pair this device with a number of mods for quick and seamless sessions.

Exxus EX5 Oil Cartridge by Exxus Vape


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If you purchase the Exxus EX5 Oil Cartridge by Exxus Vape, you will love the 360 degree mouth piece that is as comfortable as it is functional. The EX5 package also includes two options for tank size in order to accommodate 0.5mL and 1mL of e-liquids or oils. The 510 thread end make this tank easily attachable to a large expanse of batteries and mods on the market. 

The Exxus EX5 boasts a stainless-steel core and glass tube. This chamber serves as the location at which vaporization occurs. It also has a ceramic coil system and as a result, the vapor curated by this device is smooth, flavorful, and dense on exhale. Every piece of the EX5 was crafted to provide vapers with a user-friendly tank that never sacrifices its performance quality.

Because the Exxus EX5 is a stand alone tank, it needs to be paired with a mod in order to have full function. The Exxus Twist 1100mAh Battery by Exxus Vape couples flawlessly with the EX5. The Exxus Twist is a variable voltage battery that can output anywhere between 3.2V and 4.8V of power. The voltage is easily adjusted by the rotating dial located on the bottom of the pen-style body. With a fully integrated 1100mAh, rechargeable battery, users will be able to enjoy this setup session after session.

If you find that you are instead looking for a concentrate vaporizer, then you may find the Exxus GO Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is the right device for you. This kit contains all the pieces needed for a vaping session. It boasts a 15 second run time and an automatic heating system. The triple quartz atomizer paired with the power from the 1100mAh capacity battery produce unmatched vapor and delicious flavor.

Exxus Vape, the maker of the above products, has been producing vaping units for the last three years. The founders bring a combined total of 25 years experience to the company and established their foundational goals to only innovate dry herb, e-liquid, and concentrate friendly units. Because they have zeroed in on this niche, they have allowed themselves to produce some of the most easily used, peak performing units on the market. Exxus Vape also strives to be a paragon of industry enrichment and as a result, holds several vaping events throughout each year.

While you are considering the Exxus EX5 Oil Cartridge by Exxus Vape, browse through the remaining areas of GotVape.com. We have large selections of pens, tanks, e-liquids, and accessories in order to meet all of your vaping needs. If you see something that you have any questions about, please reach out to our team of customer service staff.

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