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Exxus Mini Vaporizer Replacement Parts

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  • Exxus Mini Hydro Adapter by Exxus Vape

    The Exxus Mini Hydro Adapter by Exxus Vape is a great way to get silky smooth vapor from your vaporizer. The Exxus Mini by Exxus Vape is creating quite a buzz as the smallest vaporizer on the market for vaping dry herbs. Even though it is tiny and compact, this unit packs a lot of punch and can easily support a glass bubbler like this one.

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    Regular Price: $19.99

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Exxus Mini Vaporizer Replacement Parts & Accessories

Exxus Mini Vaporizer Replacement Parts include an assortment of accessories that were produced specifically for use with the Exxus Mini by Exxus Vape. Each of these parts is OEM and manufactured with the same quality and precision as this portable vaporizer for vaping dry herbs. From a new mouthpiece or silicone sleeve to a hydro adapter, parts for the Exxus Mini are affordable and help to extend the life of your vaporizer.

The Exxus Mini by Exxus Vape is the smallest vaporizer of its kind. It is a mere 1" wide by 4" tall. Despite its small, compact size, the Exxus Mini is a beast of precision and performance. It sports an anodized heating chamber and air heating to render voluminous amounts of vapor from dry herbs. It has a temperature range of 320 F - 410 F to accommodate vapers that have different preferences, and adjustments to the temperature are made easily by tapping the plus or minus buttons on either side of the LCD display. The battery life is phenomenal, offering continuous run times of 30 minutes and two hours of overall life. To top it all off, the Exxus Mini is backed by a 24-month warranty that covers repair or replacement.

The Exxus Mini Mouthpiece by Exxus Vape is made from durable silicone and does an excellent job of dispersing heat to keep vapor cool as it reaches your mouth. A mouthpiece is one of the most important components of a vaporizer. As the last part between you and the vapor, a mouthpiece helps to reduce impurities and debris. Over time, a mouthpiece can become worn or clogged with debris that is difficult to remove. This mouthpiece is affordable and easy to replace.

For a stronger, bolder inhale, some vapers choose the Exxus Mini Glass Mouthpiece by Exxus Vape. It is made from food-safe glass and essentially creates a new chamber for the vapor that is produced by the Exxus Mini. As the vapor makes its way into the narrow glass mouthpiece, the intensity of the draw is increased. Those who like their vapor big and bold will love this high-quality glass mouthpiece.

Exxus Mini Optional Attachments

On the other side of the spectrum, the Exxus Mini Hydro Adapter by Exxus Vape uses water filtration to assist in the removal of impurities in order to render a smooth vape that is cool on the mouth. This adapter takes the harshness out of vapor and makes the inhale pleasing and comfortable. 

All of those who own an Exxus Mini will love the Exxus Mini Silicone Sleeve by Exxus Vape. Designed to fit snugly over the vaporizer and mouthpiece, this sleeve helps to disperse heat when vaping at high temperatures. It ensures that the mouthpiece does not become uncomfortably hot and negatively affect the experience of the Exxus Mini.

Exxus Vape is based in Corona, California, an area that is becoming known for vaporizer design and manufacture. The brand employs skilled professionals in the creation of products like the Exxus Dry, a powerful dry herb vaporizer that inspired many of the features on the Exxus Mini. All vaporizers and replacement parts made by Exxus Vape meet the current industry certifications and standards for safety and quality.

While you are shopping for Exxus Mini Vaporizer Replacement Parts, be sure to check out our entire line of premium tanks, vape mods, parts and accessories for different vaporizers. We also have one of the largest selections of e-liquids of any retailer. If you have a question about any replacement parts for the Exxus Mini or other vaporizers, please contact us via live chat or email so that we may assist you.