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The Exxus Spinner V2 Battery by Exxus Vape perfectly captures ergonomically sound design and easy utility. With a single button and dial systems, users will be able to fulfill each of the devices functions. Because it is a variable voltage unit, this pen-style battery can be adjusted to anywhere between 3.3V and 4.8V. The Spinner V2 has a male, 510 thread attachment slot. This allows vapers to easily attach it to a large variety of cartridges and tanks on the market. 


Product Description

With the purchase of the Exxus Spinner V2 Battery by Exxus Vape there comes an innate user-friendliness that is unmatched among essential oil and e-liquid vaporizers. This unit has a completely integrated lithium ion, rechargeable, and 1600mAh capacity battery. The charge is able to carry the device through several sessions before it needs to be plugged in for more power. The battery is able to accommodate approximately 300 recharges before replacement of that component is needed. 

Users will also love the near universal threading of the 510-count attachment port. The spinning dial located on the bottom of the Spinner V2 is how the unit's voltage is adjusted. It is rotated to adapt the voltage output which can be anywhere between 3.3V and 4.8V. By making this voltage easily seen and altered, Exxus has allowed their customers to easily hit their individual oil or e-liquid vaping preferences. 

While the Exxus Spinner V2 is in fact simplistic, it does not lack provisions in the way of functional features. The battery has a locking feature that ensures it remains in place for charging and usage. An LED display light indicates when the device needs to be recharged by blinking red several times in succession. When the unit is fully charged, the light will remain green. The device is activated when the single button is pressed five times in a row. The LED light will then blink three times so that you aren't left guessing if the battery is priming. A 15 second auto-shutoff feature ensures that no battery life is unnecessarily wasted. 

As the Exxus Spinner V2 is intended to be used with a tank or cartridge to complete the setup, users would not be remiss to invest in a product like the Exxus EX3 Oil Cartridge by Exxus Vape. The 1mL tank volume is an idyllic amount for a quick session. The stainless steel core coupled with a ceramic coil system creates the perfect environment for tempering essential oils or e-liquids. The flat mouthpiece is comfortable and thoughtfully designed to give vapers easy sessions. 

For Exxus Vape, creating products that cater to dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids was a foundational goal. With that target demographic in mind, the founders took their combined total of 25 years experience and began to innovate units to accommodate those types of products. They also strove to only produce devices that were user-friendly and high functioning in order to give their customers the impressive vaping sessions they deserve. Exxus Vape also hosts a variety of vaping events year round in order to keep the industry evolving.

As you examine the Exxus Spinner V2 Battery by Exxus Vape, browse through the rest of GotVape.com. We have large varieties of pens, tanks, mods, and accessories that touch on the entire spectrum of vaping needs. If you have any inquires, please contact our team of vaping professionals.

WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.

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