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Indulge in the incredible sessions of the Exxus VRS by ensuring your atomizer is always ready to go.


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Product Description

The Attachment You Need for Versatile Use

Introducing the Exxus VRS Atomizer

Specifically made for the Exxus VRS in Dab Mode, this atomizer helps enhance your sessions, converting those delicious concentrates into inhalable vapor. Enjoy cloud after cloud with the help of the Exxus VRS Atomizer.

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What Does the Atomizer Do?

Introducing the incredible accessory, you need the Exxus VRS Atomizer by Exxus Vape. Made to pair with the versatile Exxus VRS, this atomizer helps deliver amazing sessions for concentrates. While there are other devices on the market, the Exxus VRS allows users to utilize the device in 3 different ways including Dab Rig Mode, Nectar Collector Mode and Cartridge Mode with the added Cartridge Rig Mode.

Atomizers work by screwing right onto a battery or different power source to then transform concentrates into inhalable vapor. In simpler words, these accessories “atomize” or turn your concentrates into vapor. They do this by heating the substrate to a temperature at which it vaporizers your favorite goodies to the familiar clouds of vapor you’re accustomed to.

Exxus VRS apart featuring atomizer

For concentrate lovers, aka dabbers, out there using the Dab Rig Mode is ideal. Starting with the build, you are going to want to screw the ceramic atomizer into the Exxus VRS battery. After that, attach the glass connector and twist on the 14mm glass adapter.

To begin your sessions, remove the cap from the ceramic atomizer and place your concentrates in the chamber then close it back up.

The Exxus VRS Atomizer by Exxus Vape is a wear and tear item and will need replacing over time. Ensuring that you keep your atomizer nice and clean after every use is crucial to making it last longer. Never be caught without one, we recommend always having a replacement or two to keep the dabs going.

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