Exxus VRS Hydro Connector by Exxus Vape


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The Exxus VRS Hydro Connector is a replacement part that connects the unit to glass hydrotube on your Exxus VRS Device. Made by Exxus this connector is the part that screws in and attaches the hydro mouthpiece to the VRS Device.


Product Description

Incredible Accompanying Glass Piece

Helping to Deliver the Experience You Want

Helping to provide the most potent, enhanced sessions, the Exxus VRS Hydro Connector is the perfect replacement part to ensure your VRS is always fully functional.

Exxus VRS Hydro Connector

Main Features

The Exxus VRS Hydro Connector is made of high-quality, durable materials that pairs only with the VRS. Constructed to be superior as well as resilient the connector directly connects the Exxus VRS Hydrotube mouthpiece to the device itself. This allows the user to take smooth draws without any hassles or annoyances. Never worry about breaking or having to use an old glass piece that can’t live up to the device again with the Exxus VRS Hydro Connector by Exxus Vape.

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