Exxus VRS Hydrotube by Exxus Vape


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Made to pair with the Exxus VRS Device, the Exxus VRS Hydrotube by Exxus Vape is the perfect way to get your concentrate clouds on.


Product Description

Get Prepared for those Hard-hitting Clouds

Bet You Didn’t Know a Tube Can Do all This

Providing 3 in 1 ways of using the device including: Dab Rig Mode, Nectar Collector Mode, Cartridge Mode and an added special Cartridge Rig Mode, this standout device provides the ultimate versatile experience. Coming in handy for the Nectar Collector Mode, the Exxus VRS Hydrotube helps deliver those pure hard-hitting sessions with smooth draws.

The Exxus VRS Hydrotube

What Can it Do?

The Exxus VRS Hydrotube of durable borosilicate glass and pairs with your Exxus VRS Device by Exxus Vape. A device that allows customers to use it 3 different ways this additive piece comes into play when utilizing your Exxus VRS Device in Nectar Collector Mode. Nectar Collector Mode is the using the device to get pure concentrate hits by straight connection with the dab.

To utilize Nectar Collector Mode, start by screwing the heating tip onto the tip of the battery. On the other side, screw the glass connector on and then twist the hydrotube into place. Fill the hydrotube to just below the airhole.

Now remove the cap from the heating tip and make sure the tip has fully cooled down before removing it as it is extremely hot. To raise the voltage, click the button three times and to initiate a 15 second sesh mode click it twice.

Once the heating tip has been warmed to your desire, press the tip against the concentrate and gently inhale. Pressing the carb down opens hole on the cap that allows the air and vapor to flow freely through. Simple and perfect for your concentrates, make sure to get your hands on the Exxus VRS Hydrotube today.

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