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BLVD Premium E-Liquid produces high quality e-liquids that make some epic clouds with great flavors to boot. All of their four current flavors are inspired by different classic cars, and the cool bottle designs each feature a namesake automobile for the flavor inside.


Product Description

Each glass bottle contains 30 mL of quality e-liquid with a calibrated blend of artificial and natural flavors that promise a delightful vaping experience every time, no matter how new you are to vaping. With three nicotine levels to choose from, you can vape 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg of nicotine to find the right potency for your desired vaping experience.

Fastback is just one of the four awesome flavors now available from BLVD Premium E-Liquid. This great flavor is fruity and sweet with a dash of nostalgia, and the 80/20 VG/PG blend produces clouds to be proud of no matter how grown up you are. Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid tastes very similar to a certain cereal that cannot be named here, bursting with sweet flavors that reminisce of the fruity loop clusters on Saturday mornings. The rich aromatic clouds of Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid have a bright throwback flavor to them, perfect for a sweet relaxing vape to take you back to simpler times.

When your first puff wafts over your taste buds, you are hit with the sweetness of Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid right up front. Your whole tongue embraces the sweet flavor, and that sweetness starts to taste more complex as you continue into your vaping experience. The sweet taste deepens and becomes rounder and fuller, bringing out the fruity notes of Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid. A few puffs into your vaping experience, this e-liquid fully evokes the exotic taste of tropical fruit and the comforting taste of colorful breakfast cereal, inviting you to follow your nose deeper into the next puff from your vape. The overall flavor profile of Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid is soothing and enjoyable, perfect to get you started in the morning, just like your breakfast cereal once did. Depending on which level of nicotine you opt for, you can really rev up your day with Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid!

This sweet fruit cereal e-liquid is also perfect to unwind after dinner or at the end of the day. When you're looking to kick back and indulge in incredible flavor, Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid is the perfect e-liquid for you. This flavor might not literally taste like happiness, but it definitely brings up some happy memories of weekends and bright colorful bowls of fruity loop cereal. The depth and interplay of the sweet fruit flavor notes makes Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid remarkably complex, despite the simplicity of the nostalgia that it evokes with its uniquely familiar cereal taste. This unforgettable e-liquid flavor packs a fruity punch that will have you reaching for your vape with a smile on your face, time and time again.

Though BLVD Premium E-Liquid produces three other great flavors, Fastback is quite distinctive from The Caddy and Super Sport e-liquid flavors by BLVD Premium E-Liquid. However, Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid shares some delightful flavor notes with its sister flavor, Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid. If you have already enjoyed the rich berry flavor of Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, you will love the sweet fruity cereal quality of BLVD Premium E-Liquid's Fastback flavor. Try it out today!

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