Feather Salt Nicotine Pod Vaporizer by KandyPens


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The Feather Salt Nicotine Pod Vaporizer by KandyPens is a premier Nic Salt refillable vape. Included in this package is the KandyPens Feather unit with mouthpiece and battery; one 2ml refillable tank; a micro-USB charger; and a handy instruction manual. All you have to do is fill the pod with your favorite e-juice, prime the coil for about 5 minutes, and you’re all set to start vaping. This pod system is pocket-sized and very sleek, but offers serious draws and clouds.


Product Description

This ultra-portable vape is air activated with a 380 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery. It has a powerful 15-watt output and 0.6-ohm resistance, producing massive vapor clouds. The Feather Salt Nicotine Pod Vaporizer by KandyPens is handmade, developed and designed in the USA, and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is the second run of this fairly limited-edition pod system which debuted in 2017 to rave reviews all over the globe. Only 500 units of this rubber black finish vape have been made by KandyPens and the company has a 1 unit per household limit on their website.  

The pod has a magnetic connection which easily snaps on to the mouthpiece and the package includes two rubber grommets that attach to the pod to prevent leaks. The cut-out mouthpiece allows for maximum comfort when drawing and there are LED indicator lights located along the pod’s edge that keep you aware of the Feather’s battery power. Like many of KandyPens products, this pod system has been designed to be lightweight, easily concealable, and infinitely portable. The Feather can slip seamlessly into your purse, messenger bag, or nestle snuggly into your jeans’ pocket.

This unit has been called “Possibly, the Best Nic Salt Pod System of 2017” by The Vape Guide and was named one of the “Best POD vapes of 2018” by eciguide.com. These rankings are consistent with much of KandyPens’ products which have taken home the titles of #1 Best Concentrate Pens, Dab Pens, and Vape Electronics on the market several times.

KandyPens is a Santa Barbara based company that has been handcrafting premiere vape products since 2014. They’ve been featured in Forbes, The Source, Rolling Stone, Gizmodo, among many other renowned publications. Over the years, they’ve teamed up with popular artists like A$AP Rocky, DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, and Harry Fraud to collaborate on limited edition vape pens, dab pens, and vaporizers. Besides all of the much-deserved hype and acclaim, what is maybe most impressive about KandyPens is that they offer lifetime warranties on all of their batteries.

Other KandyPens products include their Limited Edition Gravity Pen. This sleek and attractive pen has an elevated airflow system and titanium coils which are perfect for big cloud vaping. Handcrafted with pride in the USA, use this compact vape pen with your favorite concentrate. This is vaping craftsmanship at its finest.

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