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Featured E-Liquid Brands

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Featured E-Liquid Brands

At we take great satisfaction in knowing that we bring you one of the largest assortments of premium e-liquids, and our featured e-liquid brands showcase some of our most popular flavors. This is a great place to start looking if you want to expand your vaping experience and sample new e-juices.

Only The Best E-Liquids

What does it take to land among our featured e-liquid brands? First of all we look for originality. Life is just too short to partake of the same old tired e-liquid flavors. Many companies, like Cuttwood Vapors, excel in creating flavors that break the barriers of traditional taste. Take Unicorn Milk for example. There are plenty of strawberry-based e-liquids out there, but Cuttwood Vapors blends enhanced strawberry extract with four varieties of fresh cream. Another example from Cuttwood Vapors is Mr. Fritter. Again, the market is flooded with apple-infused e-juices, but Mr. Fritter takes that apple taste and delivers it in a way that is reminiscent of one of the most delectable breakfast pastries. Originality goes a long way toward making our featured e-liquid brands.

All Day Vapes

Another thing we consider is the smoothness of the vape. For our featured e-liquid brands we are looking for e-liquids that can be vaped all day without becoming overpowering or bitter. In this category, Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquids are hard to beat. Just like the confection on which they are based, Juice Roll-Upz accomplish what many fruit-based e-liquids cannot--the delivery of smooth, pleasant vapor that doesn't get old on the palette. We know that vapers like to have a go-to vape that they can turn to in a variety of situations, and that is what we like to include in our featured e-liquid brands.

The E-Juice Lifestyle

Vaping is a lifestyle. A lifestyle thrives on freedom of expression and the enhancement of an individual's own distinct personality. We have chosen to include vapors in our featured e-liquid brands that are as bold and distinct as the people that use them. These premium e-liquids define you as fun-loving and free-spirited. They say that you are not uptight and enjoy trying new things. In essence, they say that you are living the vaping lifestyle to its fullest.

Featured e-liquid brands at don't get that distinction by accident. These are e-liquids that have passed the test by receiving stellar ratings and reviews. We're vapers, too, so we understand the importance of quality when it comes to choosing a featured brand. All of these e-liquids are carefully crafted by skilled scientists and mixologists that go above and beyond to bring you the best in vapor. Each e-liquid benefits from a steeping process in specially-designed clean rooms that are certified and maintained to strict standards. If you order one of these e-liquids, rest assured that you're purchasing the very best the market has to offer. 

Our mission at is to present a wide selection of featured e-liquid brands as well as all of the traditional flavors that you have come to know and love. We are committed to expanding our inventory as new flavors are released and are always eager to receive your reviews. If you can't find an e-liquid in our store to suit your tastes, drop us an email and let us know so that we can try to add what you want.

While you are browsing the featured e-liquid brands at, be sure to check out our entire line of products. Do you need a new vaporizer to vape that designer e-liquid? We've got them in abundance, from mods and SubOhm tanks to simple vaporizer pens. We also stock all of the various parts and components you need for your RDA.