French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics E-Liquid


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On a sunny Sunday morning, after getting up and looking out the white-draperied window, there's nothing better than to appease the rumbling of your stomach to a visit to the local breakfast diner. You meet with a friend and order coffee to rub the sleep out of your eyes, holding your hands around the mug to warm your palms as you and your buddy exchange yawns. You order something off the plastic menu and shift in your polyester seat, waiting for it to arrive. When it does, you can't keep your eyes off it. It's a lightly done french toast with a cinnamon undertone, but none like you've ever seen before. It's made perfectly and topped with blueberries and whipped cream. A drizzle of maple syrup drapes it from edge to edge, completing the picture before you. Your fork is in your hand before you know it, and all thoughts of sleep fly from your mind as you begin your meal. You're in the best place you can be this morning, and you wouldn't leave it for the world.


Product Description

All of this is possible without even leaving your home. You don't need to get out any dishes or ready your toaster for use this time. All you have to do is purchase French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics, which gives you all of that glorious taste with the added bonus of coming through the pleasing smoke of a vaporizer. As Vape Breakfast Classics second flavor, following Pancake Man, this e-liquid is perfectly made for vaping, a breakfast breed that keeps your senses awake and ready for what's coming. French Dude is a perfect combination of foods, balancing french toast with the flavorful toppings that adorn it, resulting in a sensation that delights the senses. 

French Dude comes in a box that includes a 60ml bottle of the e-juice itself, two 30ml Unicorn Bottles, one 3x3 sticker, one button, and one key chain. All of these come with the French Dude logo, which should be enough to want to buy it just in itself. This product not only provides the ultimate vaping sensation, but brings a trail of merchandise along with it for the ride. Missing out on this flavor would be just as tragic as tripping and losing your tray of perfectly crafted french toast. Don't risk it; make sure to grab this flavor as soon as your bank account allows it.

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