Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquid


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With sweet and salty notes, Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquid is a flavor that will have you going to the kitchen to slice some bananas to fry in a pan. There is a gentle yellow color of the liquid when you look at the bottle, reminding you of a banana blended with caramel. As soon as you open the 30ml bottle, you can smell the richness of the bananas after they have been fried in caramel. There i also a freshness from the fruit that you can smell before vaping. Hints of butterscotch are also present. 


Product Description

One of the underlying notes of Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquid is a buttery graham cracker crust. This makes the liquid seem more like a banana cream pie instead of simply bananas being fried in a pan. It gives a sweetness that is enticing and enjoyable. It only takes a small amount of the liquid to get the delectable flavors that you enjoy. The cracker is also blended with a sweet cream, almost similar to what you would find in a vanilla ice cream. All of the flavors of the liquid combine together to give one amazing dessert that is vaped. 

It's best to warm the tank to a lower temperature when you're vaping. This will promote the best flavors of the Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquid so that there are any burning notes. If the liquid is heated to a higher temperature, then it can tend to give a bitterness to the liquid. While there are multiple notes of flavor that are available in the liquid, you can clearly detect each note that combines to make one dessert. This is one of the top liquids in terms of freshness and the development of flavors that come together to make one dish that you could imagine enjoying after a long day. 

One of the things that you could do to make the liquid a little sweeter is to add a hint of a vanilla e-liquid. It wouldn't take much to bring out more of the creamy notes in the caramel and bananas, so you should only use one or two drops. However, the Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquid is one that can stand alone. The label on the bottle is a bit odd, but you can tell it is a liquid that offers a fried taste of a food so that you know what to expect.

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