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If you've been vaping for a while, chances are you've started to branch out with your flavor selections a bit. Sometimes you'll make some picks that are a little adventurous, and sometimes you'll discover a flavor that you know you'll love from the moment you first see it.


Product Description

If you're a fan of really, really well produced dessert style flavors, then thank your lucky stars, because you've just one of the best. Fried Oreo from FRYD is an eliquid that, as you'd suspect, can provide you with an authentic flavor experience that's so similar to real life fried Oreos, you might not be able to stop yourself from chewing.

Do you remember the last time you went to a county fair? Imagine what it was like - all of the sights and sounds, the whole community pulling together to put on a fun event for everyone. One of the best reasons to go to a county fair isn't just the rides or the cool (and sometimes strange) items you can find - it's the dozens of local food vendors.

A classic staple food of county fairs is the fried Oreo. If you think Oreos are good by themselves, wait until you try one of these deep-fried, creamy delights - it's like having the taste experience of an Oreo, except times about a million. Needless to say, it's a rich, decadent flavor that statistics indicate are responsible for 97% of all county fair visits (all right, that's made up, but it could be true - fried Oreos are just that good.)

This complex flavor was faithfully recreated in eliquid form by FRYD. If you consider how many different components are actually in a fried Oreo, you'll note that this is actually very impressive. An Oreo itself is more than simple chocolate and vanilla, it's a crunchy cookie with a unique, creamy taste. This alone would be difficult to reproduce in eliquid form faithfully, but when you throw in the extra challenge of making it taste like a fried Oreo, you have to admit that FRYD was taking on quite the challenge.

Make no mistake about it either: this manufacturer delivers on presenting you with a county fair favorite in eliquid form. When you first vape Fried Oreo eliquid, you'll immediately taste the distinct, accurate flavor of an Oreo cookie. But there's going to be a big twist, because you'll get loads of chocolate and cream flavors followed by that crisp, gooey taste of a fried Oreo. 

If you consider yourself even a slight fan of dessert type flavors, you absolutely haveto add this flavor into your rotation. It's far, far too accurate and delicious to miss. It's a very rich, full flavor - it might not be your all day vape (although for some of you out there with a sweet tooth it certainly will, probably after the first time you try it), but you'll find that it's an excellent afternoon vape for when you want to sit down, relax, and dream about the county fair.

Final Thoughts: Fried Oreo by FRYD is a Must-Try E-liquid

Don't wait any longer before you give this chocolaty, creamy eliquid a try. You'll be able to get it in a 30 milliliter bottle, but beware - you're going to want more. Nicotine concentrations for this eliquid come in the standard 0, 3, and 6 milligram varieties which are common to premium eliquids like this. FRYD has "fried" up a real winner here - try Fried Oreo and never look back.

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