Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquid


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When it’s time to delight your senses with a tangy, tangy combination of some of the most scrumptious fruit flavors in the universe, it’s time to reach for Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquid. This is the utterly delicious E-Juice concoction that was created to entice and enhance the senses in a way they’ve never been stimulated before.


Product Description

This utterly fabulous E-Juice recipe was created in the inspired curatorial kitchens of Kilo E-Liquid, with the result that this E-Liquid brings on a tasty, zesty vaping experience that’s unlike any other.

How do the geniuses at the Kilo E-Liquid kitchen create a taste that’s this sensational? They do it by bringing together a bevy of the best ingredients to be found anywhere, and then combining them to the strict specifications of a recipe devised in their secret Kilo laboratory. These incredible flavors are then mixed up and then blended. Then they are tasted, and tested. They are mixed again and again and then tasted again to ensure that this zesty tropical flavor is one of a kind delicious. When the flavor is finally combined and enhanced and then tested for a period of weeks, it is finally ready for release under the Kilo E-Liquids brand.

Now Kilo has brought forth Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquid, and it is a taste sensation like no other. This incredible E-Juice flavor combines the enticing flavors of apple, pear, berries, tropical fruit and cream, for a taste experience that will have vape enthusiasts soaring into another stratosphere and whipped up into a frenzy of delight.

This tasty E-Juice comes on strong and delicious with an inhale that plays up the tangy fruit flavors. The creamy taste comes through on the delightfully delicious exhale, and it’s a flavor that will have vapes coming back for this taste again and again and again. Yes, this Fruit Whip is like the ultimate kitchen dessert that you just have to have more of. And this is a guilty pleasure that comes without the guilt, so it’s a treat of the most delicious kind.

Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquid is available in a 30ml bottle, nicotine levels of 0, 3mg and 6mg, so you can choose the nicotine level that you want.

If you’re ready for a taste sensation that’s unlike any other E-Juice around, you are ready for the incredibly delicious experience of Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquid.

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